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City Views From Sky Garden

A garden in the sky ? Oh yes this is a thing and it takes place on the 35th floor of a building in London, with a 360 view of all the city has to offer and the views are magnificent.

You heard me say 35th floor right? Ok just checking because I can proudly say I concurred a fear of mine. Me and heights aren’t exactly a match made in heaven and honesty, I had a mix of emotions between excitement and terrified but I was doing pretty damn good ‘If I do say so myself!’ well, this was until the voice in the elevator kept telling me how high and fast we were going. That lady just needed to zip it ‘haha’. But the moment we reached our destination and I quote my boyfriend on this cause I love it “We’re at a height of beautifulness” Sounds kinda poetic right? Well anyway the moment we walked out of the elevator the views were something else.

Oh, you're looking for those London boojie vibes? Then you will enjoy the sky gardens roof top bars. Unfortunately we didn’t stay for a drink this time round, but I may have glanced at the menu and they all seemed very appealing but Dam! Some of the prices were a little too pricey! However, I did enjoy snuggling up with my man on the comfy sofa areas with perfect views of the city. I did feel the Garden side of things was a little plain. It was nice but I was hoping for a bit more of a WOW factor you know. I pictured flowers everywhere, the room exploding with colour and smells, but I don’t know, I just felt like it was missing something to really live up to the name “Sky Garden” I think the name gives high expectations for a lot of people and personally they were not fully met for me.

Despite this little disappoint for me, it was still a fantastic experience and would recommend doing twice; once at night and once in the day to get the full experience. Also, this place is pretty exclusive because even though its free you have to book. I was trying to book Sky garden for like 3 months, trying to fit them around my trips to London. But every time that I tried, I had no luck. It was so hard cause they sold out so quickly, so make sure you keep an eye for them new booking dates. Now something I wasn’t expecting was the airport style security inside the entrance. It has a busy atmosphere but don’t let that mislead you as it really didn’t take long to get up to the sky garden and it was so easy to locate from the tubes.

I think one thing that was little disappointing but maybe also kind of a relief at the same time was that even though I’m afraid of heights I was a little gutted that we wasn’t able to go outside on the balcony area as it was closed off, Possibly because it was night time, but hey maybe next time… although me just typing that made me go cold for a second just thinking about it so maybe not, I guess will have to see if I’m feeling brave when I do my day time visit.

I enjoy exploring new places and seeing all they have to offer and that feeling I get; sometimes its calming, sometimes its excitement, sometimes its disappointing but that’s a rare one, but most of the time it’s inspiring to see all that’s been created. I look forward to that moment when I take a step back and take it all in, that’s when my brain really goes to work. So if Sky Gardens isn’t already on your list of places to visit in London it should be now, so you too can experience “The hight of beautifulness”.



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