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Free Things To Do In London This Summer

Summer has arrived, people, and you can either sit in your garden soaking up the sun or go out and do something fun. But sometimes, fun can be costly, especially if you're going out as a family. However, money isn't always needed to have fun in London, and I thought I could help you explore what free things you can do in the city.

Starting off with any museum buffs out there, do you enjoy learning and educating your brains? Then you should do just that at the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and British Museum. I have been to all three of these museums, and they are fantastic for all ages, with lots to learn, see, and participate in. They all have unique museum styles and fantastic displays covering all categories of history, science, and technology.

Now, if you're looking for something a bit more relaxing, a nature area, or a place with a calming vibe, I would suggest Sky Garden, Garden 120, or St Dunstan Church Garden. I have been to all of these locations, and they were perfect. I definitely recommend these places for couples, as they all have a romantic presence, but they are also great places to sit and unwind with a good book or escape a busy lifestyle. A helpful tip, though, is to make sure you book tickets for the Sky Garden as you have to have a ticket, even though it's free. I also recommend visiting all the gorgeous parks and public gardens. If you're looking for a chilled day out with the family and a picnic, or just somewhere for some "me" time, then I highly recommend Kensington Gardens. It is gorgeous, and there is so much to see, from cute duckies and swans to pretty flowers and delightful water features, plus historical buildings including Kensington Palace.

I love markets; they are always such diverse, multicultural places to taste new foods, find new styles, and more. My top three markets have to be Borough Market, where they do the best fresh smoothies and juices you will ever taste, Camden Market, where you can get inspiration and open up your creative side, as well as eating at some delicious street food spots, including two of my favourites: Yorkshire Burrito (yes, a Sunday roast in a burrito) and Mac Factory, where they make the best mac and cheese ever! If you want to know more about these food spots, click here to read all about my foodie experience in Camden. And lastly, my most recent discovery, Brick Lane Vintage Market. What an incredible hidden gem this place is, with a variety of clothing styles and some cute and quirky stalls to look around. My personal favourite is the Two & Eight shop. The people were so polite and friendly and had so many things I wanted to buy. You can also check out their Instagram @Two_and_Eight_shop.

Some other free London travels I have experienced include Battersea Power Station, a fantastic piece of history. What once was an old power station is now a brilliantly designed shopping centre with lots of big-brand stores, a Battersea bookshop, food and drink areas, a delightful little art gallery, plus a cinema and an outside area that leads to the River Thames.

However, I will say that if you are happy to spend some money but are on a tight budget, I also recommend checking out the Fever app, as they have lots of London events happening all year round with affordable ticket prices.

Two words: Roof East. It is an adults-only rooftop event that happens only in the summer, which is perfect for friends to get together and a great choice for a fun couples' day date or date night. Roof East is a rooftop venue with street food vendors and a bar with tasty cocktails, but the best bit is the amazing setup of a variety of games, from batting cages to carpool karaoke and so much more. It's a place for adults to have fun and be big kids. When I went there, it was such a fun night, and I finally got to tick off rooftop event and batting cages from my bucket list. So, if you don't mind spending some money and want a fun night, make sure this is on your list.

London has so much to offer, and not everything in London is expensive. If you look in the right places, you can have fun for free.

So, get yourself summer-ready, with sun cream and flip flops, because I think it's going to be a fun summer.



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