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Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight Comic Review: Issue 1

Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert! Make sure you have watched before you read.

A new comic book review has arrived, and this time around, I've done it in the correct order with the first issue of Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight.

I have watched the Ms. Marvel series and Moon Knight series and found them both brilliant, with very unique storylines and diverse characters. I was drawn into both series quite quickly, needless to say, I can't wait for season 2. I loved the idea of having an Ms. Marvel comic as part of my collection, but when I stumbled across Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight, I was baffled about what the storyline would be for this unlikely duo. It's so unpredictable yet very intriguing; I knew I couldn't leave the store without it.

Seconds into this comic book, I felt like there was a strong storyline with lots of details, unexpected characters, and twists. My very first thought as I opened to the second page was, "I don't know why, but I get some serious MJ from the classic Spiderman vibes." I generally thought she was going to be a main character in it, but it turns out she was a nobody.

Ms. Marvel's comical attitude never fails to amuse me, and I really enjoyed how I could read her inner thoughts as well as the story itself. They were funny and really showed her personality and true thoughts on Moon Knight and Hunter's Moon. It also showed her vulnerability and moments of immaturity, which reminds me that her character is of a young age.

Moon Knight's animation was really well thought out. The detail in his superhero uniform was excellent, and the darker colour palette matched Moon Knight's character perfectly. It was also very clear that he doesn't get along with Hunter's Moon at all.

Hunter's Moon is a very vain character. He loves himself a little too much, I think, and I can see why Moon Knight isn't a fan of him at all. But even though he thinks he's the "almighty one," I will say I do like the fact that he is very nice and respectful to Ms. Marvel. I also found it very cool when he turned into this giant Egyptian bird thing. I do hope to see more of his character in a bit more depth in Issue 2, and who knows, maybe him and Moon Knight will learn to get along.

When it comes to "The harvest is coming" crazy robot rats, I have to say I found that quite different. I wasn't sure what was attacking people, but I wasn't expecting a load of evil robot rats. I also found it quite different that we didn't get a real introduction of the villain. Only in due time will he have to come out of darkness to battle Ms. Marvel.

OK! RIGHT! WHAT! Was my reaction because this comic book just keeps coming at me with unpredictable duos. You ready for this... there is a Ms. Marvel and Wolverine, hold on, there's another... Ms. Marvel and Venom. WHAT? Not sure how I feel about them yet. I mean, what would the storyline even be?

I love looking at all the details in comic books, and the one that really stood out for me was how detailed, step-by-step, the fight scenes were, and the close-ups of all the characters. The way the graphics showed Ms. Marvel's powers was so interesting to look at. I think my favourite pages are actually number 13, 14, and 26.

Storyline: 7/10

Graphics: 9/10

Comic Book Purchase from Gosh Comics in London



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