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Mushroom & Spinach Risotto - Recipe Review

Calling all risotto lovers I have found the perfect risotto recipe for you!

When delicious food can be made easy what’s stopping you?

I will paint you the picture of my evening which took place on valentines, I and my boyfriend cooked the mushroom and spinach risotto together, and I know cooking can be stressful but with great company, my night left me in bliss. The intoxicating aromas, the tasty combination of ingredients, and a cheeky glass of rosa all brightened up by candlelight and the enjoyable company of my boyfriend. The recipe itself is simply written with each step including lots of details to help you ace the perfect mushroom and spinach risotto, Filling my belly with good-tasting food.

We did make a couple of tweaks to the recipe as the ingredients included olive oil, butter, chopped onion, sliced chestnut mushrooms, crushed garlic clove, rice, dry white wine, vegetable stock, and grated cheese, spinach and warm ciabatta. Yes, I know “ You should never do carbs on carbs” but it was delicious. However, the tweaks we made were that we skipped the sun-dried tomatoes and chopped fresh parsley as we are not massive fans and for anyone that's not a massive fan of white wine Don’t worry I am not either but in this recipe, you will love it! My first thought on the recipe was that the risotto itself sounded nice and would properly taste ok but with the first mouthful I took had my taste buds dancing it was a taste I can’t quite describe it was sweet but not sweet like chocolate of sweeties and had this creamy texture and after each mouthful, the taste just kept getting better.

I have always wanted to step up my cooking game and that is exactly what I am doing I will be trying out delicious tasting recipes of all kinds; sweet and savoury and of course working on my cooking skills and writing reviews on my experience with them. Let's be honest reading this has made you curious and you want to cook and taste this yummy recipe for yourself no problem set the vibes you after, grab the ingredients and get cooking, Click here and Cook Click here and Cook

Overall it was a romantic, relaxing, fun evening doing something sweet with my boyfriend for Valentine working together to create a self-accomplished dish that tasted amazing and will be cooking again.

“Good food warms the heart and feeds the soul”

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