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The Woe of Wednesday Review

Disclaimer: Spoilers Alert!!! Make sure you have watched before you read.

Da Da Da Dum (Snap Snap) Da Da Da Dum (Snap Snap) Da Da Da Dum Da Da Da Dum

Da Da Da Dum (Snap Snap) …

This has got to be one of the best series I have ever watched, now I’m not usually the type to get obsessed with a series but OMG, I loved everything about it. I don’t even know where to start.

In a town called Jericho, there is a school called Nevermore, a school for outcasts which is where Wednesday Addams was sent. Here is a sentence I never thought I would type … she was sent to Nevermore after an incident at her last school, where she let loose a bunch of piranhas into the school pool to attack the swim team, all in the scheme to get revenge on the bullies who bullied her little brother. But it wasn’t too bad the piranha only ripped off like one testicle … ‘Nope even typing was super weird’.

The first character I have to talk about is the queen of darkness herself Miss Wednesday Addams. Played by the phenomenal actress Jenna Ortega. Ok the list of things I love about her character is so long! Firstly, she is a writer, that is so cool, and she has written novels which is a potential goal I would like to achieve as a writer myself. She also has a typewriter which is something I would like to one day own. I love the paper on her typewriter, as it has her initials at the top which was a nice little detail. Wednesday also plays the cello, which is a very cool instrument in my opinion, but it’s also how she plays with such passion and focus, it is so incredible, and the fact is that Jenna Ortega showed her impressive dedication to the role by learning the cello. Having lessons twice a week for two months before filming the series. Impressive indeed, as well as learning fencing, German, archery and boxing. I also find it refreshing as Wednesday is a young person not obsessing over technology and social media as she says, and I quote “Refuse to be a slave to technology” which also makes sense as to why she uses a typewriter instead of a laptop or computer. I also really like her outfits. The way I would describe them as a combination of modern and old fashion styles but yet the colours of Wednesday stays traditional. My favourite outfit 100% is her dress but I’m also a fan of her baggy jumper as I too am a girl who loves a baggy jumper. Wednesday effortlessly shows her strong use of vocabulary and intellectual side throughout the entire series. I think one of the best lines to describe Wednesday Is when her mother says “Please excuse Wednesday she is allergic to colour” that had me cracking up, especially since her roommate was the human version of vibrant and colourful. I also enjoyed how so many of Wednesday's lines were comical or at least comical to us.

My favourite scenes have to be the fencing scene, as I knew I would like the fencing match between her and Bianca. What I did like was that the ending to the battle wasn’t predictable as I find usually the new person would win. However, in this case, Wednesday took on a battle she wasn’t prepared for thinking she would win, only to lose. I found this to be a better ending. I also felt that it teaches a lesson in a way, to pick your battles more wisely, saying that the reason she chose this battle wasn’t to stand up to who she thought was acting like a bully, therefore, it showed that she has a good heart, even if its black and full of darkness and yes I do believe that Wednesday would find that to be a compliment. I also enjoyed the conservatory class in the school, full of very cool plants and I found it to be a more unique classroom setting and personally would enjoy a class like this. You can't forget the scene that showed another round of Wednesday and Bianca's next battle for most knowledge on plants. The Pope games scene I found funny and entertaining. I can't deny that Wednesday worked the costume. However, I found some things a little predictable like the sirens cheating by using one of the sirens to sabotage the others in the competition. The raven dance! now was no doubt my absolute favourite scene! I loved her dress, it was very Wednesday style, and her hairstyle was so cute don’t get me wrong her and Tyler looked perfect together, but my heart broke a little for Xavier bless him. Although, the best part had to be Wednesday’s time on the dance floor. The dance was so funny and weird but brilliant honestly was spot on choreography for Wednesday Addams and fun fact Jenna Ortega choreographed the routine herself. The outfits were great, the routine was incredible, and the song choice was on point.

Nevermore school is my kind of school, with hidden rooms, secret societies, outcasts, and school uniforms that I liked and has quite a variety of characters. Principle Weems I feel was meant to come off as a bit shady and untrustworthy but all she ever wanted was what was best for the school, and I was gutted by her death. Then there was her room. The human form of rainbows and unicorns all things that were repulse Wednesday. I straight away found the Dorm mum and science teacher miss Thornhill an interesting character and felt she would play a bigger part than what was betrayed to us, and I have to admit I liked her style and her interest in flowers. Then there’s the artist himself, Xavier who clearly has the biggest crush on Wednesday and honestly, I don’t feel that he tries to hide it which I found refreshing and made me like his character more. I also loved how he could bring his work to life, I found him kind, charming and friendly. I look forward to seeing if his and Wednesday’s friendship becomes more. I have to include the hummers which are just Wednesday and Eugene, It was clear he was younger than Wednesday and that she looked at him like a little brother as if he was a nevermore version of her little brother Pugsley and when Eugene got put in hospital I loved that she had Thing stay there to keep an eye on him, he is a funny, quirky character and I was so happy when he woke up from his coma.

The relationship between Wednesday and her roommate Enid is just brilliant a character completely different from Wednesday bubbly, chatty, happy and head to toe a billion bright vibrant colours and can't forget she’s a hugger. Even if Wednesday would never admit it, she became very fond and protective of Enid quickly and I found it hilarious when Enid started talking about her crush Wednesday's response was “If he breaks your heart, I will nail gun his” that's a real friendship through and through. I also found Enid's birthday present too Wednesday to be thoughtful, and personal and Wednesday's face, when she looked at the snood, made it very amusing. The best bit had to be when Enid finally wolfed out, perfect timing too, may I add, save Wednesday's life, alongside the moment Enid ran to Wednesday and didn’t hesitate to hug her as tight as possible in relief that she was ok, which was the moment Wednesday let her walls down and hugged Edin back just as tight.

The rest of the Addams family; Morticia, Gomez and Little brother Pugsley all took on their characters exceptionally well but my favourite family characters had to be Thing and Uncle Fester. The bond Wednesday and Thing had was amazing and for a character that has no lines, Thing sure was comical and had a way of guiding Wednesday on the right path. Uncle Fester “Monsters murder mayhem what fun” only an Addams would say this and he was Wednesdays favourite person in the family, honestly I felt he was playing very well and when I realised the actor was Fred Armisen it made me love uncle Fester, even more, I am a big fan of Brooklyn 99 and I didn’t realise till after finishing the series that the actor who plays uncle Fester also plays Mlep(clay)nos in Brooklyn 99 (The clay is silent) which Is a small character but he is hilarious. I have to also quote one of my favourite uncle’s fester lines “I like to travel incognito” let's be clear there is nothing incognito about the choice of transport yes, I’m talking about the Dalmatian bike with a sidecar but honestly how the Addams pulled off the style ha-ha.

The Parents weekend episode was a real eye-opener for Wednesday unlocking the truth about a murder that took place at nevermore when her mother and father went to the school … You can tell the principal and Wednesday's mother have a complicated relationship but they both shared something in common which was their expectations of Wednesday.

The family therapy session was a comical scene, the best part has to be when Gomez and Pugsley ate potpourri. And I knew it was Motisha who, well I won't ruin all the spoilers, but if you have already watched Wednesday then you know what I'm on about. although saying that it was a bit predictable that it was Motisha but at the same time it wouldn’t have made sense if it was anyone else.

Ok so my brain conversation went a little like this … Who is the monster? Which boy will Wednesday choose? Will Wednesday admit she has feelings for both Tyler and Xavier? Why is the normal teacher working at Nevermore? Wait no what about the therapist? What if she is the little sister? What if she is the monster? Nope, she’s dead so it can't be her, who else? Hold on no way! It all makes sense! I know who the master is, but who is the monster So many questions and no answers and honestly every time I think I know who the monster is I end up being wrong. Tyler's mum was a what!? What if it's the last person you expect? Could it be him? Was it all manipulation or is there another side to Tyler? Did he have feelings for Wednesday or was it all an act? What! NOOOO!

We have to talk about the love triangle that's not a triangle Tyler, Xavier and Wednesday in the middle ok so theirs Tyler who planned such a Wednesday approval date minus the legally blonde but hey she likes to torture, and he is sweet and goofy and funny, but something isn’t quite right. But she didn’t know this until they kissed which was a very happy and disappointing moment for me. Then her and Xavier, I loved the drawing Xavier did of Wednesday which he brings it to life. The drawing was of her playing the cello, ‘aw so sweet’ and impressive. I have to say it was a bold move with the whole phone thing but why didn't Xavier and Wednesday kiss again, I was disappointed in that. But I have a feeling their relationship is just getting started. Wednesday fights her emotions so hard and when she finally gives in to them and brings down her walls to Tyler, well you know what they say, 'too good to be true’, and in this case, the saying was very fitting to the situation. Episode one, Wednesday talks about social media powerfully and truthfully, she says, “Social media soul-sucking” But then, Xavier very smoothly hands her a gift of a phone that she ends up using although the first message she receives was not what she was expecting … The question is team Tyler or Team Xavier?

Extra things and details I liked included; the Ghost orchid in the conservatory I like flowers and found it interesting learning new plants and facts about them. Then there's the WWWD (What Would Wednesday Do), I found this brilliant, catchy and honestly a question I feel like I may use in the future. And I love how they included the famous double snap. It wouldn’t be right if the snap didn’t happen. I also liked the Adams family car, The black Dalia flower which was a representation of Wednesday, I love the Velma and the Scooby gang mentioned all of Wednesday outfits, The rhyme of why Wednesday is called Wednesday and Joseph Crackstone and goody was a unique set of characters. I like how they included pilgrims world into the series in a more modern way. But most of all I liked how Wednesday was very inspiring and she inspired me with my writing, and my favourite thing she said was “Original thinkers” I like this there’s something about these 2 words that got me thinking and feeling inspired with my writing.

I have to talk about Miss thorn hill played by Christina Ricci who played Wednesday when she was younger in the 1991 film the Addams family and 1993 Addams family values how cool is that?

There were a few things I wasn’t a fan of for starters; Eugene death! well at least that's what I thought, after realising he was in a coma and ends up recovering it wasn’t so bad but I could see why it had to happen. It was sad that the mayor died but again I see why, as it was part of the storyline. However, when Thing was STABBED! I was fuming and honestly, if he had died it would have ruined it for me so I’m very glad that Thing didn’t die, I was also a bit disappointed that principal Weems was killed as she wasn’t a bad person at heart, and I didn’t think it was fair that she was killed off. Sheriff Donovan knew his son was a Hyde! Or did he have any suspicion? Or was it when he read his wife's death certificate that he then released who the monster was? I’m not 100% on that one, to be honest, but at the same time, he did save Enid so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

PLOT TWIST! I don’t wanna give everything else away but What I can say! Other than that this series will have you continuously guessing, and things only start to become clear around the last 2-3 episodes. At least that is when the puzzle started fitting together for me. This series brings out your inner detective and it sure did bring out my inner Wednesday.

Watch out for season 2

Da Da Da Dum (Snap Snap) Da Da Da Dum (Snap Snap) Da Da Da Dum Da Da Da Dum

Da Da Da Dum (Snap Snap) …



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