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Who am I? It's a question we all ask ourselves throughout life... 

Ok, I’m gonna put myself in the category of a chocoholic, gin drinking, dance crazy, sweet-tooth gal, who has a passion for many things, one of them being writing. I love to write about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING,  hence the incredibly creative blog name right? 

I'm a 90's baby born and raised in Bermondsey South East London and have been living in Kent in the beautiful countryside since i was 5 years old. I have grown up with a big family and yes, we are all loud and crazy but they are my people, my support, my love, my everything.

I'm someone that believes in many things and no, I don’t mean like fairies and unicorns… but we all know they're real. However, I’m actually on about things like love, hope, happiness, freedom, beauty, knowledge, equality and so much more. 

Why did I decide to write a blog? Well, I unlocked a passion for writing I didn't realise I had when I took on a temporary writing position at a new digital magazine called Networthpick. After finishing up my contract, I realised I didn't want to stop writing; I wanted to share my thoughts, my experiences and my articles on important subjects, random knowledge, fun things and more.


My Business 

Petals and Pearls

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Hello and welcome to my one woman small handmade business - Petals and Pearls. I’ve always been a creative person and in 2017 I decided to start my own business after realising how creative I could be with artificial flowers, and who doesn't love flowers? Well ok, maybe people who have allergies… but Petals and Pearls is perfect for them too, as they are forever lasting, beautiful and allergy free! 


Anyway, Petals and Pearls has been a learning curve as I have no business background, just a girl who loves flowers with a small idea that blossomed into a small business that is still going with the support of all my amazing followers and customers.


What products do I make? How do you order? Wanna see more? Great, click on the icons to check them out.


“When you support a small business your support a dream”

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