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The Day My House Was On Fire

I would like to share one of my most terrifying experiences. It was the day that my house was on fire …

It all happened on the 29th September 2014, when I was at home getting ready to leave for college. I was studying dance, my mum and my niece and nephew had just dropped me off and were headed back home. After my first couple of lessons, I had just headed to break when my choreographer caught up with me and said your mum is coming to collect you for your appointment and said “I hope everything is ok”. Straight away I was concerned because I didn’t have an appointment and my very firm and strict choreography was being super nice to me and her words just didn’t sit right with me. I then headed back to my locker and called my mum on the way but she wasn’t answering. My panic grew more and more so I tried my dad he answered and I said “Dad is everything ok? Whats wrong ?” Thats when he said … “We have had a house fire!”

Honestly I laughed cause I thought he was joking. I’m mean you never expect it to happen to you till it happens. He then told me my brother in law was coming to pick me up, so I quickly grabbed my stuff and ran to the entrance when my brother in law arrived. I jumped in the car and we headed straight home. I had so many questions and was in shock. Everything was ok when I left this morning what happened?

As we pulled up to the house, thats when I saw the fire engine outside. The house was still standing, so maybe it wasn’t to bad… I then entered the house carefully and it was a disaster. My eyes instantly filled with water and my heart dropped into the deepest part of my stomach. Everything was black , broken my room was destroyed there was water dripping everywhere. Everything smelt burnt. Then I saw my family, I went straight over to my mum, sister, brother, niece and nephew to check everyone was ok. Thats when my sister told me what happened.

Lets go back to the morning after me, my mum, niece and nephew left just before the fire started. My sister Charley was in her bedroom working, my brother Ronnie was in his bedroom when my puppy was barking none stop at the electric cupboard. Charley went out to see what was wrong and as she opened the cupboard door flames shot out and then flames started shooting out of the lights. She said it happened so quick. She grabbed my brother and called the dogs to chase her down to the shed in garden, closing them all in so they were safe and called the Fire-station. She was honestly a real hero. She protected herself, our brother and our (Add number here) dogs, she then called my parents and thats all caught up.

What caused the fire? Well, short story is that a fuse went in the electric cupboard, which then caused the fire and it spread very quickly. The fire started just under my mum and dad’s room. It was so sad when my mum discovered her wedding dress and my flower girl dress had been burnt, along with all of mum and dads clothes. They actually had to go out that night to buy all new clothes and toiletries.

What happened next? For a few nights we stayed at a hotel up the road. My dad then went into superhero mode, he got a small garden made up, out of the horses paddock as we have stables attached to our garden, and didn’t wanna leave our horses alone. Me and my sister Charley stayed in a small caravan for a few weeks whilst dad organised a home on wheels to be put on our land so we could still be on our property and stay with our animals. Once it was safe enough to enter the house we started clearing out our things that were not damaged. My bedroom was under the boiler room, which fell through the ceiling during the fire so, I had no bed. I lost my laptop, my guitar and other cherished items. Luckily my wardrobe survived so I still had clothes to change into. I think the biggest relief was to hear that all of our family photos and albums of my mum’s and nan’s had just missed the fire and was safe. I think losing them would have crushed my mum who was already heart broken about losing her wedding dress and my flower girl dress.

This was probably one of the most stressful, terrifying and overwhelming experiences for me and my family, but we got through this and I will always be so grateful for all my family being safe and unharmed, we were very lucky for sure.

That day could have been a whole lot worst and you never really expect something like this to happen. Saying this, it will always be a reminder to appreciate what I have and how lucky I am to have my family.



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