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The Red And Orange Life My Training Experience: My First Year

Challenges! They are called challenges for a reason; You may fail, so what! That doesn’t me you give up, that doesn’t mean you stop. What it does means is you worker harder, you push yourself more and you show yourself that there is more to you than you realised.

The Literacy Assessment:

Now my first challenge was taking the literacy assessment. Why is a literacy assessment important to be a firefighter? Well, this was important as literacy is considered to be an essential skill for operational staff, which enables them to maintain their competency and ultimately, be able to work safely in a dangerous environment. This test will assess the applicant's reading comprehension and understanding of technical information. I was very nervous, as I have always been someone that struggles with the theory side of things but nevertheless, I would do my best. After taking the test about a week and a half later I received an email with my results and that felt like the longest week and a half of my life. I opened the email and I was gutted to see that I hadn’t passed. But I was keen to stay positive and motivated. This was my first obstacle. It was not gonna be my last and I was gonna keep going till I passed. I will be retaking this assessment again in May.

Ok, so I had some real bad luck in January with my health, and just when I thought things were getting better, it went the opposite way. I very reluctantly took a step back from my training in may, which would have been when I could retake my English assessment in order to sort my out health. My hopes of becoming a firefighter was not to be shattered because I made a plan and I’m was going to make it happen. Getting the support I need to find out what my health issues were and how to fix it took a little bit of time, but I finally got results in June and with the relief of finding out I didn’t have to have surgery was amazing. I then started looking into what I needed to do next to get my health in a better place, allowing me to start my training again. I can’t lie, I was getting a little restless but my motivation was still high!

The Plan:

Following my doctors advice and orders on what I needed to do was a little slow going. But once I got back to my happy healthy self the next step is to get my fitness up and retake my English assessment. Once I passes it, ‘well’ thats when the real hard work begins.

Ok so the first year wasn’t exactly productive in this area, as for some unseen obstacles came in my way … But 2023 will be the year! It will be twice as hard, Twice as challenging, Require twice the motivation but will be twice as much reward.

The Literacy Assessment Take 2 Here its goes …



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