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10 things I do to make travelling as stress free as possible

I love travelling whether it’s for a day or two, a week or more, seeing new places have always been something I enjoy doing and over the last 2 years I have gotten to see a lot of London, Devon and a few more beautiful places in the UK.

For some people travelling can be stressful, so I wanted to share some of my travelling tips so you can enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

1. Always wear comfy shoes; you can still look stylish but if you're doing a lot of walking then choose wisely cause your feet will need comfort and support.

2. Be Organised; Make a checklist so you don't forget anything your taking with you and also make sure everything is done the night before so all you have to do is get up, get dressed and go.

3. Pack light; Trust me when I say you do not want to be lugging around heavy bags/suitcases so when packing think smart and light.

4. Transport, This can be one of the biggest headaches of all but knowing what modes of transport are available can save you time and money which therefore creates a more relaxing experience.

5. Make sure your phone is fully charged and that you bring a portable charger as a backup.

6. Food! Always make sure you eat because if I’m stressed and hungry I will definitely become hangry and no one wants a hangry Alex “haha”.

7. Plan your days, I’m all for spontaneous trips but you should still have a clear idea of where you are going and how you are getting there. I said previously that it’s great to be organised, but when travelling places you really wanna make the most of each day and the best way you can do that is by planning where you wanna go, what destination is the closest to you current location and how you plan to get there so you ain’t going back and forth and wasting time and money.

8. Breathe, Now if things get a little stressful just take a minute, centre yourself, take a moment to just look around and compose yourself.

9. Hydrate, It’s so important to make sure you are getting enough fluids in you and I will always recommend water as the top hydration option.

10. Have calming distractions, my go-to’s are reading my book, and my reading downtime is usually when I'm on a train or in a car.

I do hope these help any travelling stress heads out there and to checkout more of my travels go visit my instagram account or read more of my travel stories here.


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