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2022 what you got

New year new me right? That's what we all say every time it hits 12:01 am on 1st January but this year is different. For me it's not about becoming a new me, it's actually about becoming the true me. The year 2021 wasn’t exactly my most stable year thanks to covid but by the end of it, I was looking into new job opportunities, passed my driving theory, created new friendships and started a new relationship. Now I am at a place going forward starting this year feeling happy, content and motivated.

The next step:

How Im starting my 2022? Well, let's start with one of the biggest challenges I had in 2021: passing my driving theory test. I am the type of girl that learns quicker practically rather than through theory and since I turned 18 I have been trying to get my theory passed. Well, on 22nd December 2021 I was relieved as well as very emotional to say 8th time lucky, yes you read that right, 8TH TIME LUCKY! I did it, I passed with a great feeling of accomplishment, and now I’m on to my next step taking some refresher practical lessons and acing my practical test. The goal is to be driving by March and I can't wait to finally have the freedom and independence, it will be amazing. But for anyone reading this who is also trying to pass their theory, you can do it; just keep trying and don't give up. Life has a plan for you and you will pass, just gotta keep trying, work hard and you will succeed… I mean if I can then so can you.

Career Opportunities:

Now, job-wise I have mostly been in customer service jobs, from the Co-op as a baker, customer team member and store pioneer, to a salesperson at Menkind, barista maestro at Costa, working in a hotel and more. I’ve also always had a passion for performing arts and loved working at a performing arts school; seeing potential talent shine through in so many young talented kids was a real achievement. I also spent some time helping out at the family business doing office work, warehouse organising and cleaning and then of course there is the digital magazine I worked for on a temporary contract which I loved and is the job that unlocked my love for writing. Once that contract was up I took some time to think about what I wanted to do - something permanent, something to be proud of, something important and for some time now I always liked the idea of being a firefighter. The list could go on as to why I wanna be one and I decided why not? So I contacted a friend in the job and spoke to the manager, got the info and support I need and am now entering 2022 with a challenging but exciting job opportunity … I'm gonna be able to say one day when someone asks me “Hey what do you do for work?” And I can't wait to turn round and say “I am a firefighter” throughout my 2-year training I will be talking all about everything and anything and I can't wait to share my experience with you all.

Happiness and Love:

2021 has been a year of crazy when it comes to love and happiness. Let’s start with family, my family is my everything, I was brought up in a life where family is and should always be the number one priority and I know that's not the case for all but me it is 100% true. I have a mum and dad that have been together since they were 17 and 18 years old and to this very day, the love they have for each other can not be ignored, as well as my 2 older sisters and my older brother. Anyone who has siblings knows they can be a pain in your ass but let's also be honest, no one will ever have your back like them. And then there's my brother-in-law who fits into the family like the missing piece of a puzzle and my 2 nephews and niece who make me proud to be their auntie every day. I have a loud and crazy household, yes all 10 of us live together, but they are my love, my support, my shoulder to cry on, my source of entertainment and laughter, my blood, my everything.

Then we have friendships the family that isn’t blood, it's been a surprising year for friendships, I’ve made new friendships, reconnected with old friendships, and sadly lost friendships too but through life this will happen but it's the memories you create and hold close to you, everyone in your life is a meaning, a moment and experience all connected to your story.

Relationships and I haven’t always been the most compatible, you could say I haven’t had the best luck with men. But love is something you experience through life, your first love, your new love and old love and even your last love. The feeling you have for someone isn’t something you can control or explain and the last few years have been difficult for me to want to open up to the idea of love again. But it happened I met someone unexpectedly and we became friends and now if someone told me I would be in a relationship in 2022 I honestly wouldn’t have believed it but he makes me smile, he makes me laugh and no I am not gonna get too gooey and all lovey dove. But I know many people have been hurt or don’t believe that love is on the cards for them, I can relate to that feeling, however, I do believe that sometimes you have to get hurt, sometimes you have to cry but one thing you must always be is open to the idea of love. Give people a chance, let them see the wonderful you and if you feel the butterflies in your stomach don’t run away; feelings are scary but you never know until you try.

So my 2022 has started in a pretty exciting way new love, new friendships, new goals, new careers and so much more new on its way and I hope everyone has a great 2022 but if you want to know what's going on and how and when I meet my goals or are challenged by new obstacles, then keep checking out Everything and Anything!

2022 what else have you got in store for me?



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