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The Last Day Of 2021

Officially the last day of the year and well, it's been a hell of a year that's for sure…

Many of you have no clue who I am, where I am from or really what's my life; well in a nutshell it could be described as a mixture of chaos, excitement, love and as always, surprises good and bad. I come from a big family, a loud family some may even say a crazy family; have you ever seen cheaper by the dozen? Well, that's kind of how my family is, just a little fewer humans and a little more fur babies but still plenty of craziness! Every year I collect my moments, my experiences and my memories that I cherish, learn from and maybe occasionally question.

I believe every day is a test, has a meaning, a story behind it no matter how small, but I also look back on the year and think about all that I’m grateful for. This includes finishing another year with my loved ones, as my family is my everything, being a proud auntie seeing my niece and 2 nephews grow another year into these incredible, kind, funny, smart kids as well as welcoming my 3 new fur babies; my puppies Bailie, Kaiser and Gabrielle. And for myself, A

achieving new challenges like completing the 10k for cancer research, as well as creating new fundraising projects to help support things I care about (Projects page link) as well as unlocking new passions and job opportunities for myself and gaining new relationships that I hope will last a lifetime… but don’t worry, you will hear all about that in 2022.

2021 has been a year of new experiences and challenges that I have faced and overcome, as well as using this year to learn about the person I want to be.

You only get one life and you want to do it right but life is an unknown story; not knowing what your life is until it's happening. As a child, I always thought I had it all figured out what I wanted in love, career, family, friendship, the lifestyle I had dreamed of, the lifestyle I had seen on tv and read in books. However, life comes with unexpected twists and turns, questions, and choices to make and sometimes you take paths you didn’t expect I have experienced these every year one way or another and will continue to do so.

Farewell, 2021 and as I close another chapter of my life and welcome 2022 the mystery of my life continues to unlock.

“Embrace your mistakes, experiences and decisions and do better next Year”



keep smiling everyday can be beautiful !

Wanna see where I am? what I get up to? Maybe a sneak peak in to my life thoughts, passions, addictions and more then stay tuned for just that ☺️ 

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