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Bayley & Sage - A Slice Of Floristry Heaven

I always love discovering new places unexpectedly and one of my most recent discoveries is a cute, quaint mini flower market located just outside of the Bayley & Sage store on Ebury Street which is the Bayley and Sage floristry. I wanted to see what all the rave was about with Peggy Porschen's Belgravia bakery (which you can read all about here) As I was walking up to the pink building I turned my head to see the exploding colours of hydrangeas, a mixture of blues, greens, purples and red I could only describe the sight I was seeing as a beautiful firework display of flowers and as my eyes wandered around the gorgeous bouquets and variety of flowers, cactuses and succulents all beautifully displayed in pots and on old fashioned market carts, I was obsessed with the aesthetic that was created in this mini flower market.

Bayley & Sage is all about opening their doors to people seeking great quality food and drink and this is in all departments; Produce, Cheese, Wine, Deli, Bakery and Pastries and what they call “From the kitchen” Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to check out the actual store, but I will and if the store is anything like their floristry market I feel I will not be disappointed.

Bayley and Sage's floristry takes pride in their flowers and as I watched the friendly woman creating her designs I could see the passion and creativity she had for creating such beautiful hand-tied bouquets and arrangements. Whilst speaking to her I learnt that some of the flowers are from Uk however the majority of the flowers are actually from the Netherlands which I found very interesting and for some reason, this made me more tempted to buy the flowers I don't know why but hey I’m a sucker for flowers so any excuse right? I also loved how affordable the prices were for the incredible quality each flower showed. These beautiful combinations just infused my wanting to visit a flower market, it was sweet looking, with a surreal atmosphere, a place that held so much beauty.

The season was all about the Hydrangeas which I love they are gorgeous, I mean you can see for your self but honestly, the picture I took doesn’t do justest. This is what I would call a hidden gem of London and I cannot wait to go back there myself yes I will purchase a few bouquets.

So to all my flowering lovers out there don’t walk but run or get the train or maybe the bus get over to Bayley & Sage floristry it's a sight your eyes must see and scent your nose must smell.



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