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Eden Project - A Place Of Peace

Have you ever wanted to be somewhere else? A place where you become a whole different person, a place of zen, a place of natural beauty everywhere you look?

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always said I want to go travelling, I want to go taste pizza from Italy, see Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower, see the beaches of Australia, and educate myself about the cultures of the world, to see the beautiful scenery of Greece, to travel all over America, and so much more. Then I realised I never asked myself what places I would like to visit in my own country. So, I decided to make a list of all the places I want to visit in the UK, not realising just how many incredible places there are. My list grew quickly and right at the top of my list was Cornwall. I remember when I was younger learning about the beautiful beaches in Cornwall and thinking they look like islands from somewhere in the Caribbean. Well in May I finally managed to visit Cornwall, Now I didn’t visit the beautiful beaches, but that day will come. However, I did visit the incredible Eden project.

My Boyfriend is from Devon and lives roughly 40 mins from the gorgeous county of Cornwall and when we were down visiting we just had to take the opportunity to go to the Eden Project. Walking out to such a breath-taking view honestly, my words couldn’t even compare to the sights of this place and the beauty it holds. It's a place you would want to and should experience for yourself. I want to share my travels to the Eden project with you so keep on reading as I’m confident my words will just entice you more to visit.

After catching my breath from being mesmerised by the ongoing views, we walked down the paths to the Biomes but before that, we decided to check out “The Invisible World Exhibition” that was being held there. The Invisible world exhibition showcases how life is shaped by invisible systems. Whilst there we met “Blue” A 9 meters tall, 20-tone “Breathing” sculpture which is an immersive installation that pays homage to one of the smallest living beings known as “Cyanobacteria”. I also saw “The seed” which is a huge seed-shaped sculpture carved from granite displayed in the centre of the building and many more interesting and educational displays to look at and read, but honestly, I was more excited to explore the Biomes.

The rainforest Biome was beautiful when entering I was hit with the humid tropics, the heat made me feel like I was in a real rainforest, like I was trekking through Southeast Asia, West Africa and even South America. As I journeyed through the largest rainforest in captivity I could hear the sounds of waterfalls, feel the warmth on my skin and feel the peacefulness settling into my thoughts. Seeing the way the plants and trees tangled and twirl around each other in natures dance and the way it all naturally took the position was something else and it was incredible to see just how many of their plant helps create medicine of all kinds and all the fruit and veg that was grown within the Biome. I also liked how throughout the walk the history of the people of the rainforest and their culture was showcased; how they lived, giving us an insight into their lifestyle and how impressive and resourceful they were. I was also surprised and very nervous about learning that part involved walking across a wobbly bridge, Being afraid of heights left me very anxious but after setting foot on the bridge and looking out at the view it was breathtaking, It was like stepping into a whole new world.

I’ve always appreciated the art of all forms and these incredibly creative wooden sculptures known as “Aziza Gate” By El Anatsui were amazing, I loved how every single one of them had a unique style and the fact that people have made these perfectly imperfect works of art astounds me. These brilliant pieces of artwork were carved from wood that life started as trees from West Africa and an Interesting fact about these is that the wood was repurposed from charred timbers after a section of the nearby Falmouth dock originally built in 1860 became an internationally significant port, was destroyed by fire.

The Mediterranean Biome was a beautiful combination of the Mediterranean, South Africa, California and Western Australia and it was a real sight, From the moment I entered it indulging my fantasies of going travelling around all these types of countries, I felt like I somehow had been teleported to the streets of these beautiful countries, wandering around captivated by the sights and intoxicating scents of flowers, the Gorgeously structured buildings and the sweet little food and drink area. Everything just complimented each other so nicely. An environment infused with tranquillity and relaxation, a place where I could have sat all day with a book and a nice cool glass of something sweet. I also of course love learning about new cultures in particular the Mediterranean Biome showcase a story of “The Rites of Dionysus” sculpture

“Dionysus - a question of balance” A nature god, A Greek god of the vines described as “a creature of mystery” that took many forms such as a lion, servant and as shown in the pictures a bull, was associated with horticulture, fertility, wine, festivals, intoxication and destruction. Dionysus started with good intentions to be known as the god of vegetation. Things changed when he went from growing the vine to drinking its fermented juices. I quote “The land like Dionysus has changed. Here he stands, straddled between the ancient landscapes and the irrigated lands of intensive agriculture. It’s possible to go too far. It’s possible to regain balance. People can change things for the better” In the pictures who are known as “The Maenads” who were Dionysus followers, would dance and writhe through the vines beating drums and sounding trumpets. The decapitated human head surrounded by rabbit heads represented the scene of a sacrificial rite. It was interesting to learn something new, showcasing cultural stories very creatively and powerfully through these sculptures.

I have to talk about a few personal highlights of mine starting with the olive tree in the Mediterranean Biome, it was incredibly old but was nature's beauty at its finest. Then there was this crazy-looking red spiky plant I found in the rainforest Biome, it’s one of the most unique, funky, wacky-looking plants I have ever seen. I was also intrigued by the “Umbrella tress” which was a very fitting name as you can see from the pictures oh! And of course, the gorgeous waterfalls that I could hear all around me. I also was intrigued by the Kangaroo paw “Bush Gold” flower in the Mediterranean biome it was beautiful and came in so many different colours. Also, as many of you know I am a huge animal person and was so thrilled to say that I saw a lizard! I love lizards, whilst looking at this little sign thinking it was a picture soon after I realised it was real as it quickly scattered away into the trees, haha and I also saw these strange-looking birds called Roul-Roul Partridges roaming around the Rainforest Biome, they were all very cute and made me love the place even more.

After exploring Biomes or as I call them the ‘bubble beehives’ we had a delicious tasting ice cream, checked out the stage where they hold concerts and events, we walk around the gift shop where I purchased a cute little souvenir keychain. The overall experience was incredible the landscape of the Eden Project was well designed and just wonderful ongoing views of trees, plants, flowers and wildlife it was amazing.

Finishing a beautiful day out with a trip to the Bigbury beach (which I have talked about previously here) and watching the sunset, I know it’s very cute and soppy, but it was a perfect way to finish off such an effortlessly wonderful day. It was such an incredible experience with one of the most amazing and important people in my life, I got to spend a day appreciating what this planet gives and all its natural beauty, soaked up the beautiful weather, to eat one of the creamiest ice creams I’ve ever had and create another amazing memory with someone special to me.

So, to all the nature lovers out there, get exploring the beautiful Eden Project, you won’t be disappointed, Trust me!



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