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Did someone say Brunch ? Or Drunch?

I have done so many food and drink reviews and I am very excited to talk about this one ladies and gentlemen… I give you Drunch, a quaint, beautifully designed cafe/lounge bar based in London, which will give you them ‘posh brunch’ vibe’s for sure.

It was busy, which to me is a good sign. It must be good if people are willing to stand in a line waiting whilst its raining and freezing cold right? Now, it was a little snug but honestly, a perfect piece of London you need to explore.The outside was covered in beautiful vibrant coloured flours with a splash of sophistication both inside and out. Just reading the menu was appetising to me, and after being greeted by a friendly waitress honestly, I was impressed the moment I stepped in the door. I did have the question ‘Why Drunch? Is it really all that?’ and let me tell you after tasting my super deluxe looking chai latte and taking that first mouthful of avocado on toast ‘Hell Yes !’

Oh that’s right now we are getting to the good stuff and as many of you know, I love taking about food! Firstly the chai latte, this was the most fancy chai latte’s I have ever had. I mean look at it and you best believe it tasted even better than it looked so I can easily give this a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Then their was that moment, you know what moment I’m talking about, the one where your eyes widen with happiness as the plate is placed down in front of you, all I could think was Wow! I must be in heaven, and let me be clear this wasn’t some basic bitch avocado on toast ‘oh no’ this was fresh mouthwatering avocado positioned perfectly on a deliciously toasted slice of bread topped with a boiled egg and chilli flakes it was everything, so exquisitely presented. And a little fact about Alex for you all, this was also my first time trying a boiled egg which I thoroughly enjoyed. As well as it being a very generous portion size and trust me it was very generous, overall this dish was the perfect concoction I have ever had. It looked great, tasted better and I wanted to take the chief home with me so I could have this for breakfast every morning. ‘Did someone say Alex needs a private chief? Yes please!’ Again another easy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to this dish.

Then their was the customer service which was was amazing, they were all friendly, polite, kind and service speed was on point. On another note they all looked very professional, I mean the uniforms meant business for sure, plus every table I looked at people was laughing, smiling or like me indulging in food heaven. It sounds very luxurious, so it must be super pricy right? well, not quite now don’t get me wrong it isn’t a cheap place but honestly, I was happy paying £18 for the sweet tasting frothy top chai latte and the exquisite Avocado on toast, alongs side the incredible service I received from the moment I appeared at the front door. So I’m gonna be generous with my customer service ratings and give them ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The atmosphere had very relaxing lighting, a lovely selection of background music and a sweet petite little set up outside too, plus the location is very bougie with lots of beautiful shops as well as art galleries and rare book stores which you can checkout on Everything and Anything tiktok (Click Here).

A few little details I liked about Drunch was the glass I was served with of cold water and fresh lemon slices. I don’t know what it was about the glass, it was just a cute style. Then their was the Brand name Fendi that had been put on top of my chai latte made from cinnamon, ‘very fancy indeed’. And lastly my favourite thing has to be the flowers that are displayed round the door of Drunch. They were so beautiful, vibrant and definitely Insta worthy.

If you have a fancy lifestyle, on a budget, avocado eating, chai latte sipping person like me, then you better check out the queen herself Drunch.


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