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As The Breathtaking View Was Swept Away

As a gentle breeze drifted through the early morning sunrise the colours were so lusciously calming; from the sunlight reflecting on the glittery sea to the beauty so sweet and relaxing to the sound of the early birds singing you could smell and taste the sea salt which was so refreshing and peaceful. The feeling of soothing sand sinking between your toes and around your feet pulled you down. Gently, the waves moved through the sea and as they clashed against the rocks the breathtaking view was swept away...

BANG! That's all you could hear: guns, blood, guts, screams and weeps, that's it that luxurious display of natural beauty was sucked into a huge black hole of terror there was a sea of was like the sea of floating coffins as if all your nightmares were coming true at once in the horrific and repulsive surroundings. HELP People cried out for you as that feeling occurred the emotion hit straight in the heart and the eyes started to fill with water. All you could do was run away but it didn't matter how far you ran: that feeling would always stay with you wherever you went. That calming dream world was gone and reality had hit; pain anger and sadness flew through the air along with all the brave soldier's souls, all the dreams and memories gone, erased like they never even existed.

You could taste blood swirling around in your mouth all the limbs and guts spread around what once was a sandy, calming beach. The deep red blood dried into the beach or wash away with the waves on your hands, your face would be almost covered with blood, it may not have been noticeable however you know you had that person's blood on your hands as your brain fills with guilt and starts to think; could I have saved him? Could I have saved her? Is it my fault they lost their lives there are all of these questions with millions of answers but which is right?

Used bullets were laid in the skulls and hearts of those who fought for their country and the smell of gas lingered in the air the repulsive smell of death and smoke. The last of the fire vanished away. The survivors fell to their knees as people rushed to grab hold and slowly lay them down to rest.

All went silent. The war was over, and the devastation and the pain were there along with the silence of the sea; it was no longer blue, it was the sea of blood. Every spot on that beach no longer represented happiness and fun but death, war, greed, depression and pain. All you could hear was the weeps and screams if not the silence of the sea. Why? Why do we fight? Was there a reason for war? Was there a better solution...than war? These questions have answers and one day maybe the right person will stop all war once and for all; until that day comes, all we can do is hope.


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