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The Law I Will Not Support!

Our body, Our choice! Woman rights what happened to that?

Let me ask you these questions What if she was your wife, your daughter, your niece, your sister, cousin, or friend, What if it was someone you loved and cared for? What if she was raped? What if you were her? Do you still think it is acceptable? Do you still think it's ok? When You take away someone's choices, you take away someone's rights and that's unacceptable.

A woman should always have the choice of what she wants to do from the moment she’s a positive sign on the pregnancy test, No one has the right to force her into a pregnancy, to force her into motherhood to force her into a life she doesn’t want or can't handle.

I will say it … It's sexist! It takes two to create a baby so what law is being made for men? Oh, wait there isn’t any! Do I have to ask when did we step back in time to when the woman had no choice? And Why in the hell are men being given more power, more control and less responsibility? Where are the equal rights?

I'm not writing about the statics and facts of abortions I’m writing to join the voice of many others. When I was younger and learnt of abortions at first I admit I thought how could someone kill a child before it's even born? I felt very strongly that it wasn’t something I could go through and part of me still struggles with this But that would be my choice on what I do, one thing I do know is I would never judge another for choosing abortion. Things are not so black and white but as you get older you see all the grey areas in life that you couldn’t see as a child. But as I have gotten older my views have changed, my opinions have matured and now when it comes to these sorts of topics I stop and ask myself what if it was me? What if it was me in that position? I don’t know what I would do but I know I would want the choice.

The people who stand by this law and think it acceptable sickens me but I can guarantee that more people are standing with the ones who do not accept stripping someone of their rights and their choices. This law may have been made but it will not stick the good in the world will always outbalance the bad. You don’t get to control someone else, someone else body, someone else future, or someone else choice. We are taking strive to live on mars, creating artificial intelligence but yet instead of making history we are just repeating it

Ask yourselves which side of history do you wanna be on.



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