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Education Expectations Are Higher Than Education Encouragement

Disclaimer: This is my personal thoughts and opinions on children education.

Suffocation of knowledge is nothing but pressure, stress, anxiety and depression, Education is extremely important agreed, but I think that education should be more than numbers, letters and grades. It should be about finding that perfect balance for kids to be kids; to enjoy their childhood, have fun, socialising, see all the wonders of the world, enjoy the good in life as well as preparation for adulthood and expand young brains with new knowledge, thoughts, opinion and ideas. Now, of course, these are my thoughts and opinions saying I do believe there should be a better approach to making sure generation after generation continues to thrive and succeed without all the negatives; the pressures that continue to invade our children's mental and physical state.

Secondary school is when the real education begins but I think secondary school should be thinking more about what each student wants instead of what they must have, granted not all will know what they want to do with their life at such a young age but I don’t feel that there is much of a choice given, I feel its more about checking off boxes from a list. How can this be improved? Yes, it can be a lot but individual one-on-one meetings between a head teacher, the child and parents could be a way of helping the educators create a personnel file on each student and a plan on how to help them reach the goals they want so that by the end of their education chapter they will be confident, well educated and prepared for their next chapter. I feel that other important lessons in children's education when they start secondary school should include topics such as home skills, skills that will be a part of their everyday lives such as how to do washing, drying and ironing. How to adult, to have the confidence to understand financial importance like insurances, health care, how to do taxes and mortgages. To be shown how to look and save for a home. I know I could have as well as many others benefited from these sorts of topics, have more confidence and more answers than questions, the thought of having that independence I still to this day would have appreciated.

It's too Much! Exams are too much, one grade shouldn’t define all the work throughout their years of school, not exams but coursework. I worked so hard to get the best grades I could however I wasn’t academically gifted in my opinion and subjects like maths and Spanish was a real struggle, however my coursework for subjects such as geography was predicted top grades but when I sat the exam it all went downhill, this left me feeling like all the hard work I did meant nothing because of one single test that went wrong.

Homework is too much! When is their time? Too busy stuffing everything educational down their throats but where is their time to have fun, play and enjoy the wonders of childhood? Homework isn’t just too much for the kids but too much for the parents too; I mean think about it, education is always evolving and if kids come home with homework that makes zero sense to the parents or whatever family member is helping them, then the children are left confused, the parents are left puzzled and no one benefits from homework. The facts and figures the Uk education shows to be useful however I think in some cases the fixation on getting better statistics and higher figures, causes a blind spot to the more important questions of how can we create a more positive impact on children’s education?

Teachers are meant to be the inspiring figure that makes a child want to learn, to know more, experiment, ask questions, to breathe in knowledge right? Unfortunately, I am concerned that not many teachers become teachers for that very reason anymore, I feel that the paycheques and holidays are more of a desirable reason to become one rather than being a reason children's education thrives. The mindset, attitudes and positive impact a teacher have on a student doesn’t seem to be as it once was, Now don’t get me wrong I can understand its not always an easy job, kids can be difficult, push your buttons, test your patience they can be a handful, however, if you choose a teacher occupation you should choose this with a strong positive mindset to want to indulge in children’s questions, theories, passions, ideas, to encourage them to want to learn more.

Education is power and I think everyone should have the best training on how to use and enhance this power, but as the world changes, I do believe that education could change too with improvements to better all children.

“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”



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