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Why War ?

Agonising screams, never ending rivers of blood, the stench of death. The sight, the smell and the sound of anger, fear and destruction. Nothing good comes from it.

Don’t stop, keep reading. I want you to imagine the pain, the sadness, the darkness. I want you to feel and imagine it all, because then hopefully you will ask the same question. Why war? And if enough of us ask why war? Then one day, hopefully, we will say no more to war!

How is war still happening! Why is war still thought to be a solution? Since the beginning of time war has been used to show dominance, power, wealth

For what ? Some grass and dirt ? For titles ? It's greed, it's pathetic, it's what will destroy us and our planet.

“Not wanting war makes you weak” No! It makes you strong, smart and shows you have heart, love and honestly a brain. The thought of war physically sickens me. Does anyone else imagine how incredible our planet could be if war wasn’t a thing? War destroys everything insight, the amount of unnecessary lives that are lost, families lost and destroyed, homes burnt and crumble to the ground, land turned in to battle fields. It's heartbreaking just thinking about it.

It's so sad to watch it still go on all round the world … Say no more to war



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