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Borough Market

Borough market has been on my list of places to visit in London for a while now and can finally check it off my list and share my experience with all of you.

As I have said many times in my London articles I’m a fan of diversity and the borough market is another place in London that showcases it so well. I love the fact that there is such a huge variety of stalls from fresh fruit and veg to bread and cheese to meat and fish and a personal favourite of mine sweet treats.

Foods from all around the world in just one place I mean how could I not get excited about that? I loved every second of exploring the market, and As I walk past Olivers Bread the aromas I got as if I was walking into a bakery, All the different types, sizes and flavours of bread stacked so high next to their lovely selection of pastries that must be on steroid as they were all huge! I also enjoyed looking at the Pimento hill stall displaying a delightful selection of chutneys, chilly jams and sweet preserves like gooseberry jam, honey, and lemon curd, I plan to purchase a few next time to taste test. And as I continued my walk around I found myself amused by the Pieminister stall; I found the name quite amusing but was also very impressed with the huge selection they had of savoury pies for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans as a vegetarian it was great to see some tasty looking vegetarian pies, in particular, I like the sound of the plant-based Kevin pie and the Mooless moo I also love how creative they got with the names, unfortunately, I didn’t get one but its also on the list to try so keep a look out for the review if you to enjoy a veggie/vegan savoury pie.

Now on to the food reviews for the goodies I did try starting with German Sourdough Bakery, Artisan foods; Yes baked goods are a market favourite of mine and I couldn’t resist getting some.

Food tasting reviews:

Chocolate chip Madeira Cake: It was a nice sponge and a great slice size and looked very tempting however I wasn’t fully sold on the taste so for that I would say a 6/10.

Brownie: I am a huge fan of brownies and It didn’t fail to satisfy me with its Chocolatey taste crumbly texture, intoxicating aromas and very generous size so this is an easy 9/10.

Lemon Tart: As much as I love my chocolate treats I can never resist a lemon tart I just love them simple and this was one of the best lemon tarts I have ever tasted it had a very strong flavour of lemon very tangy and sweet, with a very nice crust, literally as I’m am typing this I can feel my mouth watering and once again a very generous size and this for me was the best of the 3 I tried and so I will score it a 10/10

Price wise all 3 for £10 would seem a lot for average baked goods but these were not your average baked goods and were worth every penny.

Drinks Review:

The Maca Mango Exotic juice drink: The Maca Mango Exotic juice drink caught my eye with its beautiful bright orange colour and was a very refreshing fruity drink which was sweeter than I thought and said to be the most popular flavour however the only thing that was a disappointment for me was the pulp bits as I wasn’t a fan so I would say a 7/10

Fudge Reviews:

This one is for all my fudge lovers out there as I wondered into another area of the market I hit the jackpot with Whirld a delicious fudge stall and omg the selection was unreal I loved everything about this stall the only way I could describe it was like a pick a mix for fudge sounds good right? I know and whilst striking up a conversation with the lovely owners I learnt that the fudge was a family recipe of over 20 years and It just made it that bit better learning about the history of the fudge was fascinating and yes you can believe I have a taste test review of some of the irresistible flavours.

I chose 6 flavours including some of my favourites, ones that intrigued me and ones I wasn’t sure I would like but wanted to try. The flavours I chose were Coconut, Cafe Latte, White chocolate swirl, Smooth Creamy, Vanilla and Sea salt caramel. I am a fan of Coconut anyway and was confident I would like it and I was correct it tasted lovely with a strong coconut taste. Then I went for the Cafe Latte which tasted better than I thought considering I don't like coffee it was sweeter than expected, although it did have a strong feel to the back of the throat when swallowing that was a little off-putting. The White chocolate swirl was Soft and I like the white swirly design all over which made it stand out presentation-wise from the other flavours. Then I tried out the classics Smooth creamy and vanilla which was well smooth and creamy, My only suggestion for the vanilla is maybe to try and give the vanilla fudge a bit of a stronger taste. And lastly one of my sister's favourite flavours Sea salt caramel which no surprise was Delicious. I also loved how generous the sizes were and how affordable the fudge is and I can't wait to go back and try some new flavours.

Overall I would happily give Whirld fudge 9/10

I love how food can transport you to another place through taste and aromas and Borough Market is a huge recommendation for all the food lovers out there.

“No matter what culture everywhere around the world people eat together”



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