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The Street Food Of Camden Market

I have been wanting to go to Camden market for such a long time and on one of my recent trips to London I finally got to check it out. I love a market! All of the walking around looking, admiring all the talented small businesses with their artwork, handmade jewellery, candles and so much more! Being a small business owner myself, I have a real appreciation for that type of thing. Highlights for me were walking around a cute small vinyl shop, and coming across a comic book stall at the market which was great, because of my recent obsession for comic books. One of my favourites though was the canal Boats they had there that you could take trips to a place called little Viennese, we didn’t go, but I’m gonna have to put that on my list for next time.

The top reason I wanted to go to Camden market was the food. So let's just get down to business…

Yorkshire Burritos

Ok, so I saw this place on TikTok and was obsessed, I love a roast dinner! A funny story, ever since I was little I have always liked when eating my roast dinner to take a bit of each food item on my plate and putting it into a Yorkshire pudding making my mini little roast in a Yorkshire pudding. It tastes so good but dam! How did I never think of a Yorkshire burrito. Of course, I had the vegetarian version; a Cauliflower cheese Burrito for £9 which consists of: a giant Yorkshire pudding wrap with sage and onion stuffing, spinach, roast potatoes and roast cauliflower in a cheese and leek sauce and I can't explain just how delicious it was. Although, I would say it could have been even better with a bit of gravy. I’m guessing the reason I didn’t have gravy was that they didn’t include a vegetarian gravy but that might be something else they can introduce to the veggie Yorkshire burrito overall the food tasted amazing and honestly was a good price worth every penny I would give this dish a 10/10.

I also recommend that when you buy one of these delicious burritos you also are going to need to grab a cup of the refreshing, sweet and zingy fresh lemonade generous size for £3.50 and it was so yummy and I would rate this a 10/10 trust me.

Mac Factory

We are all aware by now how much I love cheese and if you're not then go read some more of my food reviews and then you will know just how bad my cheese addiction is anyway, I just had to try out something cheesy at Camden market, so I went for the Classic cheese blend Mac and cheese pot cause I’m a classic kinda gal ‘haha’ and I love a bit of mac and cheese. I have to say it was cheeserific the pot size was so generous and the blend of different cheeses was tasty and very cheesy. My Mac and cheese pot came to, which you would think is a lot for a pot of Mac and cheese but in this case, a fair price of £7.50. I plan to go there again but this time round I may go for a pot that's a bit more out of my comfort zone. If you are a cheese lover I hugely recommend you check this place out I would rate Mac Factory an 9/10.

Bubble Waffles

It only made sense that I finished my Camden market outing with something sweet, so I went for the Nutella and coconut bubble pop waffle for £4.50 and my sweet tooth was successfully satisfied. Although, I will say it was amusing trying to figure out how the hell I was meant to eat the bubble waffle as it was displayed on a kebab-style stick. This thing was delicious, a little messy, well presented and a generous size. I would give my bubble waffle an 8/10.

So when you plan to head down to Camden’s market, I would say make sure these food places are on your list. You're belly and taste buds will be grateful for sure. And there is so much more to try at Camden market so you can best believe I will be taking a few more trips down to street food heaven.



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