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Dear Diary: My Month Of Suitcase Adventures In February 2024

Dear Diary,

How have we already finished February? I do not know! The beginning of the year goes so fast, and February has been a busy month of train-catching, passenger princess car journeys, breathing in the fresh country air of Devon, and adventuring round my first home, the city of London.

My three words for February are:

1. Breathe

2. Positivity

3. Present

January wasn’t the best start to the year and didn’t end great either, so I wanted to choose words that would help me get back on track. Breathe because that is what I say to myself when my anxiety plays up, positivity because January was full of negativity, and present because I wanted to focus on here and now, not stress or worry about things of the past or what will be of the future. Morbid, I know, but people who experience anxiety and depression can relate.

Travel: February was a busy one! I spent 5 days in Wiltshire at my boyfriend's flat, 10 days in Devon celebrating my boyfriend's mum's birthday and catching up with all his family and friends. Then we stayed back in Wiltshire at Elliott's flat for 4 days, and then we headed to my home in Kent for 2 days and finished the last 5 days of February in London. February has been a month of exploring new places, visiting old favourites, having the excitement of travelling around, and most importantly, creating memories with my boyfriend, Elliott.

Food & Drink: “Food glorious food.” Okay, so last month I was home, but February has been a lot of travelling, and when I'm travelling, my dishes expand in massive variety. So, the dish of the month winner is (drum roll, please) actually another homemade dish: my boyfriend's mum’s vegetable lasagne, which I’m not even joking, I get withdrawals from it; it's so good and a combo of cheese and vegetables, two of my favourite foods to eat.

TV series I watched: OMG! So, Elliott and I finally got around to watching "Fool Me Once" on Netflix, and WOW! I was literally gripped from the first episode. Elliott and I enjoy a detective, puzzling story full of clues, games, and questions to be answered, and this series has it all. With so many twists you wouldn’t have seen coming and an ending that will leave your jaw dropped on the floor, we enjoyed it so much that we actually watched all 8 episodes in one evening back to back; we couldn't take our eyes away. So, if you haven’t seen "Fool Me Once" yet, you need to make sure you do because we thought it was brilliant!

Book: I'm still reading "Murder on the Orient Express." What? How? I know it's taking me longer than I was hoping, but like I said, it’s been a busy month and I haven’t had a lot of reading time. But I will be finishing it very soon, promise!

Mental & Physical Health: February has been a bit of an up-and-down month for me. I have been pushing on with a positive attitude, but over the month of February, I have been having some seriously terrifying nightmares that felt so real I actually have woken up panicking and crying. So bizarre, I know! But I'm hoping that this is a phase and will disappear because I am done with nightmares. I would like a full good night's sleep.

This month has been better in a lot of ways; I have got to travel, had an entire month with Elliott, which is a rare thing with long-distance relationships, and got to eat a lot of tasty food. The only negative I’ve had about this month is the 4/5 nightmares I have had, but it's okay because I do believe things will get better. I just have to remember to breathe, think positive, and be present.

Let's roll on to an even better month. March, here I come.



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