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Donut Time Review

Ever since the day I saw them on TikTok, I was determined to taste them. It was going to happen and it finally did, whilst on a trip to London, I knew I would have to experience the wonderful DONUT TIME!!!

My doughnut time experience included biting into 4 fun looking, crazy-named, sweet-tasting doughnut flavours. I taste tested the Bruno Mars; A hazelnut cream filling, milk and dark chocolate glaze with Nutella, wafer and kinder Bueno pieces, which was so yummy, its chocolatey goodness was perfect for any chocoholic. Then there was the OP-Raw Winfrey; A ring doughnut dipped in vanilla glaze, drizzled with dark chocolate, topped with Oreo crumbs, chocolate curls and a love raw white choc wafer bar. Now, this flavour-filled doughnut brought back childhood memories for me of the old-school classic ice ring doughnuts with chocolate icing from Greggs. Yes, you know what I’m talking about… however in this case it has a twist of delicious Oreo crumbs and choc wafer. Then there was the Ice Ice Bae Bae, oh yeah vanilla ice with an extra bae; Vanilla buttercream, vegan cookie pieced, Chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate drizzle so much cookie and chocolate, just describing the ingredients makes my mouth water the taste, it was like heaven for me, so much sweetness that would make any sweet food loving person happy. Lastly, The David Hasselhoff; Vegan caramel glaze, chocolate drizzled, filled with Lotus Biscoff spread, topped with vegan caramel buttercream and a Lotus biscuit. I do like Lotus and I am a big sweet tooth gal, however, I wasn’t as thrilled with this combination as I thought I would be. Don’t get me wrong it was nice but the Lotus filling inside didn’t quite work and left me questioning if I liked it or not, I felt the texture was a little too sticky and the filling wasn’t a little too thick.

The variety of flavours was amazing and looked incredible along with some brilliant names but the doughnuts are pricey; yes they looked good and yes, they tasted like heaven and were well presented in their nice blue doughnut boxes, but they did hurt my bank balance more than I thought. The things we spend our money on aye? When it comes to customer service there isn’t a huge amount to say other than I received service with a smile and polite manners. Which was my favourite doughnut? Well, there are still so many flavours I need to try but from the first four I had, I would say it's a close choice between the Ice Ice Bae Bae and the OP-Raw Winfrey.

Did someone say doughnut o clock? Don’t walk, but run to Donut Time!

Customer Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Food & Drink ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price ⭐️⭐️⭐️



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