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Tim Hortons Breakfast Review

If you're a fan of Donuts and coffee I recommend you look for your closest Tim Hortons and drive there asap. Tim Hortons has recently opened up one within driving distance from me and I was very excited to check it out. Now I’m not a fan of coffee but I love donuts and when I checked out their menu and saw they had a breakfast menu, I just had to taste it and hmmm it was good!

I had a Veggie sausage and egg muffin, a hash brown and a small Hot chocolate all for just £3.79 and if the price doesn’t do it for you well the taste will. The Veggie sausage and egg muffin were so yummy it hit the spot and honestly I could have had 2 as I found them to be a little smaller but still just as filling. Then there was the hash brown which was delicious and not greasy at all, then I washed it down with a very smooth, creamy and chocolatey Hot chocolate.

Now it would be rude to leave Tims without some donuts so I got a 10-piece Honey dips Timbits collection for only £4.29 And they were a delicious sweet treat I love their mini donut balls collections and the honey dip ones are my favourite, I also got myself a chocolate dip donut which was so good, I’ve always liked anything that has a perfect chocolatey glaze over it and the chocolate dip donut was the perfect combinations of donuts and chocolate.

The location wise was a nice spacious area with nice furniture and very clean as well as quick, polite and smiley Customer service.

Experiencing a Canadian food place just makes me wanna go to Canada even more.




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