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Enola Holmes 2 Review

Disclaimer: Spoilers Alert!!! Make sure you have watched before you read.

“You should properly write that down” So thats exactly what I’m doing …

The Storyline; One match factory, many secrets, a big cover up, 2 deaths, lots of dangers, red into black into white, secret lovers, Missing trouble maker, puzzle after puzzle, riddle after riddle, prison breaks, explosions. I mean do you need another reason to watch Enola Holmes 1 and 2?

Enola Holmes is one hell of a character, her story is unique, fresh and actually really cool. Her personality makes her a force of nature but she clearly gets that from her mother. After successfully saving the Lord Tuksbury I couldn’t wait to see what she did next and her ambitions just keeps growing. She had hopes of joining her brother Sherlock and becoming his equal but Sherlock worked alone, always keeping her at arms distance despite how much he cares for her. So she took another path, a more challenging approach by starting her own detective agency. However, the Holmes name was naturally Sherlocks which left Enola living in sherlocks shadow, but she was determined not to be living there for long as she says “The game is a foot”.

I love the way Enola Holmes brain works, the way she plans in her head, the way she makes every puzzle look so easy. Enola Holmes is also a natural comedian with her unique undercover names like Tabatha Timothy, and how she always somehow persuades people to switch clothes with her. Also she is so effortlessly beautiful and I adore every single one of her outfits, but my favourite has to be her dress at the very end of the movie, mainly because it's my favourite colour but also its just so simply and pretty She also isn’t just brains and beauty, she has a fighters heart, because that girl can kick ass. Now I’m not saying she always does it so gracefully but she isn’t afraid to get hurt. I also think that actress Millie Bobby Brown was the absolute perfect actress to play Enola Holmes she fits the character perfectly.

“You're a man when I tell you you're a man”

Now I’m confident that I’m not the only one that adores Enola and Tewkesbury relationship. With one of the best Tewkesbury moments has to be when he describes a flower that perfect matches Enola “They are called spreading bell flowers, wild of course, attracted to ancient woodland, wiry, deceptive, refuse to behave according to any rules but their petals are so delicate and their flowers”. He is so sweet and a true gentleman but Enola brings “The champion of change and progress” out of him, they are like Yin and Yang, they balance each other out.

I think the reason I always enjoy a detective movie is because of all the little intricate details. In Enola Holmes 2, I like the tune that plays when she figures out her clues and how her plans are shown through sketches along with comical dialogue and one of my favourite clues is the music sheet which was in fact a map, I found this so clever and unique along with the what thought to be a poppy on the poem but was actually in fact a sweet William.

Sarah chapman; The troublemaker that goes missing and the only one who wants to find her is “Weren’t sisters in the usual way” little sister Bessie, but Bessie doesn’t know is she isn’t missing, but has been in plain sight the whole time as Cicely. It is time to say no! Sarah try’s to take a stand whilst mourning her best friend May and secret love William, she sacrificed so much and lost so many but thanks to Enola she kept fighting. And what else makes this movie so impressive is that Enola Holmes 2 is based on the true story.

The language of the fan, the way of sending messages “saying everything that is forbidden or too embarrassing to say out loud” I found this interesting but it was too funny when Enola tried it herself and lured a man over to her by mistake, which led her to panic and make other movements with the fan that without knowing meant something mean or insulting. The ball was a great scene, this gave me low key Bridgeton ball vibes. The sweet scene between Tewkesbury and Enola was so indulging, ‘and the what I would call the battlefield dance’ between Enola and William was intense but more importantly the ball was the location in which Enola had her first encounter with Miss Troy aka MORIARTY. I found one of lines to be quite powerful; “Without power we woman must rely on our wits for our fortune because are chances are short” This tells just how woman were always looked down on treated like objects, they were replaceable, they had no rights, they were given no respect. I do believe that there is truth to what she said. Even to this day in the 21st century woman are still made to feel like this and it's not right, its unacceptable and yes woman have rights now and some woman get respect but many woman to this day still have to fight twice as much as a men and gets more obstacles and challenges thrown at them because we are woman we have woman's rights but do we? We have equal rights but do we?

On to the villains, Superintendent grail is obviously one of the bad guys, but I knew he wasn’t the one calling the shots but I couldn’t work out who was. But that’s where Sherlock comes in, when Sherlock and Enola realises that their cases are intertwined and the one in charge is Moriarty aka Mira Troy, The private secretary of Lord McIntyre treasury minister who felt like a common servant, never being seen of how capable she was, so she had fun like she said “and its fun once you know the rules”. Moriarty a devious villain indeed who finally was caught … but not for long.

Sherlocks wisdom and serious detective skills we knew about but what we learned is that Enola Holmes bring out his compassionate side. Sherlocks love and protectiveness for Enola is very sweet and their brotherly-sister relationship is very comical, the way she mocks him and he underestimates her but secretly he loves when she proves him wrong. You can see the way he wears a proud brotherly expression on his face. I find that Actor Henry Cavill is a fantastic actor and he plays Sherlock exceptionally well. I also like how he tries to help Enola become a better detective by throwing some advice at her like“ You should write that down” and “Don’t make it about yourself and not the case” however I do believe that Enola’s Emotions is what helps her solve the cases, she makes herself emotionally invested. My absolute favourite Sherlock Holmes line has to be the way Sherlock say’s “Don’t be ridiculous” when police try and stop him from entering a crime scene or enters the police stations non authorised areas. I really do think Sherlock and Enola make a great team and probably my favourite siblings characters.

Eudoria Holmes is one of the most epic mothers and no one would have played her better than the brilliant Helena Bonham Carter. She is just brilliant, I have been a fan of Helena ever since I saw her in oceans 8 and Alice in wonderland. I think she is a fantastic actress and took on the incredible character of Eudoria Holmes. I love the lessons her mother taught her and the way she teaches Enola them. Making sure she feels loved but also independent, courage and reminder that she can do anything. I also like the way she educated Enola, getting her to read every book in the library, teaching her to have fun and enjoy life but also how to protect herself, all the skills for the real world, preparing her for so much and how Enola has remembered everything Eudoria taught her.

One of my fav scenes is the carriage conversation between Enola and her mum alongside the fight scene after, they really are one hell of a mother daughter duo. I do respect how Enola’s mum can own her mistakes and say when she thinks she went wrong when saying “ You know I sometimes think I brought you to be all independent” One of the best lines Eudoria says is “Find your allies, work with them and you will become more of who you are, You speak with one voice and you will make more noise than you could ever imagine” I love this line because its full of wisdom, experience and reminds Enola that having others around her makes her stronger not weaker. oh “And get a hair cut it's a mess” Its just a brilliant line, unexpected yet funny.

Holmes and Holmes partnership ahhhhh !! That’s so sweet but I have to respect that Enola has finally stepped out of her brothers shadow and more determined than other.

Thursday 4pm a visit to Sherlock… Enters Dr Watson YES!!! I was so hoping he would finally appear and we all know what thats means Enola Holmes 3 in-progress.

I have always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes and when Enola Holmes was announced, I was so excited but now I am hoping they bring out Eudoria Holmes, ‘it just needs to happen right?’

“Nothing is certain, until it is proved” - Sherlock Holmes.



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