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Truly Good or Truly Evil?

Disclaimer: Spoilers Alert!!! Make sure you have watched before you read.

Two brothers created a place where good and evil could work together in peace, but of course, the Evil brother grew restless and bored. Can you guess what happened? Correct! He tried to kill the good brother which left the good brother with no choice but to kill his evil brother or so they would have you thought …

Sophie dreams of being a princess and represents herself as if she was a character from a princess’ fairytale-like cinderella. Her mother died so she lives with her other family. She loves designing beautiful clothes and refuses to settle for an ordinary life, as she lives in a fairytale world. Sophie is dropped off to the school of evil quite literally, she's known as a reader and eventually gives into what everyone is saying and becomes her evil self. The scene where she embraces her evil side is executed very well with her catwalk entrance, and I love all the dresses she makes. She has some talent in a fashion, that's for sure. Then there is Agather or as Sophie calls her Aggie is known as an outcast, where she lives with her mother whom believes she’s a witch. They live next to a graveyard and people think she is a witch just like her mother but after landing in another world she learns how to be a real princess. I like Aggie's personality, she is funny, kind-hearted and brave. I love the scene where Aggie saves a girl from the lake with the wishing fish and the sweet friendship she has with Gregory.

I do think there is a sweet relationship between Aggie and Sophie but I do find myself preferring Aggie over Sophie. Sophie is selfish, self-absorbed and honestly quite a shit friend but she has always looked out for her and likes Aggie for who she is. Aggie is always taking care of Sophie and never wavers her loyalty to Sophie.

Now before we start talking about the very cool school I have to say this… WHAT THE FUCK WAS WRONG WITH THE CUPID? S.G.E - (School for good and evil), aka Never And Ever. The sky is filled with red and then a giant boney bird appears snatches them up and wisps them away to S.G.E a very original and very creative way to get them to the school. I love how opposite the schools are. The highlights of the school of good are; The blue forest and the dresses however I wasn’t a fan of the fairies, as they are too creepy. The evil school I think was my favourite out of the two. I found the talking wolf guards amusing and I loved the entrance to the never ball, the music, outfits and of course the choreography. I think my fav student from the evil school is Dot. I find her comical and love that her power is turning things into chocolate ‘love it’! I found one of my favourite scenes was the battle scene, it was very creative and more unique to the usual battle scenes, with these types of movies it was different, funny and I loved the entrance of the evil characters dancing.

Lady Lesso The principle of evil is brilliant! I love everything about her, the makeup, hair, outfit, attitude, everything; And what a twist on who she is but do worry I will leave that as a surprise. Professor Dovey of the school of good left me a little conflicted as I felt that the actress who played her didn’t show her true potential and was outshined by the actress who played Lady Lesso. I find the relationship between the principals so comical and a great duo, the way the characters are and the ending with the almost hug between the principals was just brilliant.

“Ugliness is freedom” and “Pretty can sometimes kill you” I found something quite poetic about these quotes, as I felt these quotes are very real and very honest and has a lot of power behind them.

Other characters such as Tedros, his father king Arthur, I found to be cocky and a predictable character. Which I guess to be fair, is who his character is meant to betray. I liked Gregory, as he was sweet and very clearly didn’t wanna be a prince. I found it very adorable that his dream was to run his grocery store and I was very disappointed that he ended up being turned into something and then ends up getting accidentally killed, I was very sad about that. Quilly the pen that writes their story was a unique and cool character and I found her to be quite funny. We can't forget to talk about Beatrix aka princess bitch the cliche popular mean girl.

“I don’t believe anyone is truly good or truly evil because people are complicated, even if everybody in this place pretends they aren’t”. This is such a powerful moment and Aggie projects it so well because I do believe this is true, this is reality, this is honesty and people are complicated, or no one is perfect.

Of all the songs in the world they played one of my absolute favourites ‘SPACEMANNNNNN’ written by Sam Fender. I was so happy to hear it and best believe I was singing it from the top of my lungs and can confirm that throughout the movie they didn’t fail to have some absolute tunes playing.

The school of Good and Evil, in my opinion, was a great film and I loved all the little unique details they had throughout the creative storyline. It was excellent, with many twists I didn’t see, great characters, brilliant locations and I look forward to the sequel.



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