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Persuasion Review: Love Can Be Pain, Can Be Pure, Can Be Power

Disclaimer: Spoilers Alert!!! Make sure you have watched before you read.

“Sometimes I have this dream that a giant octopus is sucking my face and as I struggle to get free I realise that my hands are tentacles and I can't push it off and then I realise of course that I am the octopus and I am sucking my own face” This has to be the best thing I have ever quoted, Like what the actual hell was going through Anne's head when saying this? I've never laughed so much in my life you know when you have the baffling confusion of what the hell have I just heard or witnessed and the only way to process it is through laughter basically that kinda laugh and honestly was the best moment of the entire movie how the cast stayed so straight face I do not know but surely It must have taken a few attempts

I was looking forward to watching Persuasion however, I do feel that my expectations may have been too high, it started well and there is much potential to this story But I found there was a lot of walking around in the movie and the storyline was a little too predictable. I was hoping for some twist that would make the story more gripping and this movie stand out but for me, the twist never came, I found the trailer to be more exciting than the movie itself. Saying this theirs a few moments that I quite enjoyed, the octopus dream was the best bit however, I also found it funny that Mr Elliott and Penny got together; I didn’t see that coming and honestly, it was a real relief because Mr Elliott flirting with his cousin aka ANNE was just yuk! I loved that Anne carries her bunny everywhere it’s so cute and reminds me of one of my bunny's poppet but trust me my poppet would not be as well-behaved as her bunny.

The leading man; Sir Fredrick “A sailor without rank or fortune” played by Cosmo Jarvis who 8 years later became one of the best sailors with a huge rank and fortune after so many didn’t believe in him. However, If I am being honest I don’t think he fits the part as the leading male he just didn’t bring the character to life and unfortunately, I was not a fan of his acting either I also found that the character was a little basic and felt that there wasn’t much of a backstory to him. He was very the only way I can describe as robotic and emotionless throughout the movie and gave me no main character vibes.

Now, on the other hand, the leading lady Anne played by Dakota Johnson played her character exceptionally well there was a lot of back story to her character; she was the middle child “the crack to her fathers leaking vase” as she described, Her mother passed away, she has two Sisters and was a fantastic auntie; Being an auntie myself I enjoyed seeing the sweet relationship she had with her nephews and just how much she loved them. Anne also showcased very well her Comical personality throughout the movie; I was amused when she wishes to talk to him at the party but was taking care of her unwell nephew and then screams his name from another building only to hide when he looks, which led her to spill what I believe is gravy all over her head but don’t worry more importantly she had her wine to drown out the embarrassment she was feeling. Also, I enjoyed her mockery impression of Fredrick and the Awkward for them amusing for me conversation at the breakfast table, which happened to be the first conversation they had in 8 years. Anne shows throughout the movie that she is more effortlessly knowledgeable and compassionate than her other family members I liked the moment she said to her father “Father true reputation comes from honesty, integrity, compassion acceptance of responsibility for the welfare of others” it was kind, selfless and true But of course her father was the complete opposite of all of the words.

Sharing my thoughts on her family starting with the head of the house of her father Sir Walter Elliot there are no questions about how self-absorbed, selfish and irresponsible he is and it's clear to see that vanity is the beginning, middle and end of his character. He shares all the genes with his eldest daughter Elizabeth who in my opinion is a nasty, rude bully who makes herself feel better by constantly putting Anne down and treating Anne as if she is a maid in the house instead of her sister. And of course, then there is the spoilt, lazy drama queen her youngest sister Mary who just guilt trips and manipulates her sister Anne. However, saying that I have to admit she is a humorous character; I especially loved the scene where Anne talks to her sister in an entirely different language whilst Mary just talks about herself and doesn’t even acknowledge that Anne is talking in a different language.

I am a hopeless romantic and loved the moment Anne went through her memories of Fredrick and pulled out the playlist he made her which was sheets of music, I found that sweet and amusing and honestly a clever little detail that was added to the movie which I found it to make the movie more unique. Although I do feel that Anne made out that Fredrick was more romantic and sweet and passionate than his character protrudes. They had a sweet love for each other but I didn’t feel that the duo had a spark, a connection I couldn’t see the love that he had for her, I didn’t see the consuming love and passion that she described they had and every time they kissed he looked like he was in pain.

I have always been a fan of these types of movies because of the old fashion clothes; Everyone looks well dressed, Fancy I've always loved the look. The locations were all well thought out and the gardens and homes were beautiful. The way they speak I mean what happened to the English language so prim and proper, every word was spoken so articulated, every word was like poetry god I wish we still spoke like that.

Lady Russell her mum's best friend was an interesting character and I found myself conflicted on the feelings I had towards her as I liked that she had the girl's best interest at heart but isn’t too proud to admit when she is wrong. However, I wasn’t a fan of her when she said “Marriage is transactional for women our basic security is on the line” I highly disagree with this as marriage should be for love simple, but I know in a different time sadly love wasn’t always the reason for marriage. I was a big fan of Mary; Fredrick’s sister and wish she had a bigger part in it my favourite line of hers was “A woman without a husband is not a problem to be solved” Yes Mary! I also felt that Anne envied Mary as her husband was a sailor who travelled everywhere and Mary travelled with him seeing the world, having adventures and experiences with the man she loved as it was clear from the start that is what Anne wanted especially when she said; “That I would have been a far happier woman in keeping him than I have been in giving him up”.

As I said there was a lot of potential for this movie but unfortunately I don’t think it met the expectations that I had for it. Have you watched persuasion? what are your thoughts?

Could you be persuaded to stop loving the one you love?



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