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Wakanda Forever Review

Disclaimer: Spoilers Alert!!! Make sure you have watched before you read.

I have been looking forward to this movie since I first saw it advertise and 2 seconds in and I already wanted to cry from the beautiful tribute to the man himself Chadwick Boseman. I loved the way they kept the classic Marvel studios intro but instead all the clips was of the Black panther.

I really respect their traditions, rituals and their beliefs. I always find it so interesting learning about new cultures. I love the way that Wakanda's culture is based off of African tribes. I do envy how content they are and how with in their culture they dance and celebrate his life through music and dance. I also like that they all wore white, I found it beautiful and refreshing.

Enters the Avatar/Aquaman combo or as I call them Aquatar. ‘Who are these blue people? No way is it Wakanda … They are like blue zombie why wont they die!’

Namor is the leader of this secret nation. They are water breathing beings with a unique story on how their nation was made. The story I thought to be a very unique and deftly had me intrigued with how the Talokanil people came about; His mother drank from a plant that had Vibranium in it. This caused them to changed and was no longer able to breath on land. Water became their oxygen so when Namor was born, he was born a mutant with pointy ears and weathered wings on his ankles and when his mother dies, she wished to be buried in her home back on land. When they went back he found that white people were insulating the natives and causing a lot of destruction to the town. He hated it and it angered him which then led to building an underwater empire called Talokan. The man doesn’t want war but he literally started one. This man is such a hypocrite and is also a little delusional. I also think he fears the land world, which is why he wants to destroy it with war.

“When you think of your brother, does it offer you comfort or torment?” I really love this because I feel so many who have lost their love ones can relate. I always feel bittersweet feeling when I think of my nan, I miss her so much but if I think about her too much, the pain I feel is just too much.

Marvel have an excellent music choice for this movie and I also love that in this movie we got to see more of Wakanda and learn more about their culture. I also think that one of the main reasons I love the black panther and Wakanda is because they have such a powerful cast. They really give the movies everything they got and the movies are always so unique, powerful and refreshing. From storyline, to the characters, to the costumes, to their culture, all of it is just phenomenal.

I also have to mention some of my other favourite OG characters including; The worrier leader Okoye, I just love her, she is a serious badass and always makes me laugh. Then theirs agent Ross with his undying loyalty to Wakanda and comical lines. Then Nakia, who I really felt for as we got to see more of her character this time round and her character has such a kind and warming heart. Then theirs the queen herself, Queen Ramonda is so brave, beautiful and effortlessly strong and she always looks amazing! The man that cracks me up the most has to be M’Baku. who is a strong and intimidating character but his also got a good soul, thinks for his people and has a lot of respect and loyalty to Wakanda and many comical moments that make me laugh. My ultimate favourite OG though has to be the girl her self Shuri. She is such a cool, intelligent, impressive, inspiring character she never gives up and she really showed us that there is more to her than her intelligence. I loved the witty comments and loved how she stepped up to the fill the main character role and the love and loyalty she had towards her brother and how it was shown the whole way through.

The queen dies !! NOOO !! WHY !! Firstly I was gutted that this happened. I didn’t see that coming and yes I guess it makes sense that she had to die in order for Shuri to become the black panther but it was so sad and really caught me off guard. Now I wasn’t really a fan of Namor’s costume but I did love the little details such as when his people come out of the water they turn blue and the fact that they rode on whales and Orcas backs. They also used Vibrainum weapons and water grenades which added a great unique touch.

“You just hung up on the queen, I just hung up on my mother” Brilliant Shuri line that I’m just gonna leave right here.

WHAT AN ENTRANCE AND WHAT A SUIT! Princess Shuri has figured out how to bring back black panther with the help of IornHeart what a powerful duo … Hope is restored ! She’s taking the wrong path. I don't like how all the hate and anger had consumed her … I love that she did the right thing in the end.

There was of course a lot of new characters that entered Wakanda Forever. I have to say I really loved Riri, she was like another version of Shuri and they clicked just like that, and she acted so cool about being the scientist that built the machine and ok so the moment I saw the suit I had the question. Is this gonna be the new girl Ironman? Or should I say Iornheart? I also thought she was so funny, which is one of the things I look for in a new marvel character. One of these moments has to be the introduction scene when Okoye came out the bathroom into Riri’s dorm room surprising Riri. It was too funny and I look forward to seeing her shine more in the next movie.

Finally I saved the best for last the credits … she has a nephew !!! She has family !!! They had a son !! I actually teared up and was so surprised I honestly didn’t see this coming and this is one of the most heartwarming and beautiful credits ever.

This movie didn’t fail to keep Chadwick alive and the strong bond and impact his cast. It was heart breaking to watch as I know that everyones emotional scenes of talking about him, the tears that followed were not acting, they were real for the lost of him as it wasn't just a storyline in a movie.

Chadwick would have been so proud of all who made Wakanda Forever happen and was a great way to honour the man himself, and the legacy that he portrayed.




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