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The Marvel Moment We Have All Been Waiting For Spiderman - No Way Home

Disclaimer: Spoilers Alert ! Make sure you have watched before you read.

IT HAPPENED IT HAPPENED IT HAPPENED! Our theories, Our predictions, and Our wishes have finally come true!

Ok so true Spiderman fans all over have been waiting for the day they get that goosebumps feeling when the perfect Spiderman movie is created, like I may have mentioned once or twice it happened the ultimate perfect Spiderman movie has now officially been created, One of my childhood dreams came true as we are gifted with the triple perfection of Spiderman no way home.

Peter Parker's identity is unmasked to the world thanks to Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal but the worst was yet to come when it all got too much Peter decided to turn to the magic man himself Doctor Strange but when Peter becomes a bit too well… Peter things get even worst, Doctor strange spell is corrupted and when Spiderman villains from other worlds appear on the hunt for Spiderman things take a different turn. Peter Parker has a big heart but Spiderman has big responsibilities; wanting to make things right, trying not to just send them back to their world but trying to change their futures for the better what will he do?

We all love a good superhero but honestly, I love the villains too, especially the old-school Spiderman villain legends themselves including two of the best, the twisted poisonous Green Goblin and the tentacle tangling scientist Doctor Octavius, and with no doubt, they didn’t disappoint staying true to their characters and bring back the old memories of when the villains first became villains. A part that stood out for me was the first encounter with Doctor Octavius when Peter's suit which was made out of nanotech took over Doc's tentacles giving him control which was clever as well as comical also as well as using old stark tech to fix the villains a great moment showcasing the brainy intelligent side of Peter Parker, showing Spiderman is more than just a web-shooting, back flipping hero and the feeling it gave me as if its kept iron man alive in the movie.

Why have one when you can have all three? That's right not just the charming, gorgeous, comical Tom Holland but also the talented, sweet and attractively geeky Andrew Garfield and of course the original, the legend himself the epic Tobey Maguire yes all three! This was all captured in the incredible scenery, the scene that made everyone in the movies jump to their feet and cheer. This was the scene that every Spiderman fan wished for and what a perfect scene it was as Mj and Ned sit worried for Spiderman they decide to take action. However things don’t go quite to plan when Ned believes his got the power like doctor strange and opens a portal revealing Spiderman, it was the perfect entrance leaving everyone on the edge of their seats and jumping with cheer as the Spiderman who entered was Andrew Garfield. In doing a second attempt yes you can guess who enters Toby Maguire which leads to the second round of a jumping and cheering crowd it was epic, powerful, and a movie experience that I will remember.

Marvel has always been great at showing the comedian side to every character no questioning that and one of the best comical moments in Spiderman no way home for me was when all 3 Spidermen are at the statue of liberty talking about their web fluid, it cracked me up not just showing how similar they are but also a difference Andrew and Tom have to Toby but I don’t want to get into that so I will say zip it. A very cool detail I did enjoy was in the last fighting scene you see all 3 Spiderman working together and as the land, a powerful three-man pose happens you see the difference in suits from one generation to another, the suits were on point from classic to fresh I loved it! Now I'm sure you remember me talking about the two jumping and cheering moments throughout the film but I have yet to tell you there was a third. This one was a personal favourite as well as it being a powerful moment it was also the best heartstring-pulling moment when Andrew Garfield redeems himself; at the moment we see Mj fall but Tom has swept away from the chance to save her by the Green Goblin then you see the look in Andrews's eyes if to say no not again as if he will not let history repeat itself as he falls to her grabs and sticks the landing the relief, the power, the pain, the emotion all behind that one moment, that one rescue that no one will ever be able to understand like Andrew Garfield it was epic! The Spiderman fans felt the scene it was everything! Another for me was how heartbreaking it was to see Happy not know who Peter is, why doesn’t Happy no who Peter is? Well, if you don’t know then you haven’t watched the movie yet WAIT for HOLD ON! You shouldn’t be reading this until you have seen the movie so go on stop reading go watch it and come back.

The generations of Mj’s have always been incredible and Zendaye had no problem carrying that tradition on I have to mention one of my favourite classic and underrated marvel characters for quite some time now has always been Happy, after the tragic loss of Iron man we see how Happy is their for Spiderman just as Tony knew he always would be. Not just Spiderman but Peter Parker would always have his support as well as from Ned the perfect sidekick, the man in the chair, the great best friend and another comical figure I do enjoy watching. One character I can get over is May I loved how they created this May as a more young, fun but parental figure the way she loved and cared for Peter but came a cross as the person he would always turn to, trust, help figure out what's right, to remind Tom to always stay true to himself but what I can't get over is that MAY DIES! Yes, you read that right she dies with her last words to Peter “Listen to me you have a gift you have power and with great power, there must also come great responsibility” I felt my eyes watering. And we can’t forget to mention the guest appearance entering the movie I was like WHAT! When I saw Dare Devil makes an entrance! Like hold on the skilful, sexy, mysterious man himself made the scene what it is but I will let you judge for yourself my only hope is that we see more of him… wait you don’t know who daredevil is? Then don’t walk but run to Netflix and watch for yourself you will not be disappointed!

And let's not forget about the credits you better have seen the ending credits, like how excited are you! But if you haven’t oh dam just wait.

Now Of course we all love our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, Peter Parker but I’m curious which Peter Parker is your Peter Parker? Tom, Andrew or Tobey? I mean can you choose just one? I would have all three haha.

Now my final question is how long till the next Spiderman? Surely this isn’t the end … Right?



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