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On October 1st I published an article about what October means to me and decided to publish another article about what I got up to this October.

I Stared the month off with the deep cleaning and putting up decorations, which looks amazing, I describe my decor as classy Halloween with a touch of spook. This year I was able to decorate my bedroom window and not tooting my own horn but ‘toot toot’ I mean look at the pictures, I found some absolute bargains from B&M including my copper-coloured throw for £10 which is super soft, an 8-pack of black and white pumpkins for £5 and £10 Stacked light up pumpkins; Yes a lot of pumpkins I know but I am pumpkin obsessed! I also made an autumn bouquet from Primark for under £12 ‘Bargain’!! And it really brought the room together. I’m also a super creative person and have my own crafts business so I couldn’t resist making my own autumn-themed garlands and wreath which was very improvised but came out amazing.

Next on the October agenda was Elliott's family get together, We headed down to Devon for the weekend and it was so nice to visit his family, catch up with his friends; drink hot chocolate and enjoy the countryside views, I envy the view outside Elliott's bedroom window of all the beautiful fields, but most importantly, all the cute calves in the field. I’m a huge animal lover and they are just so adorable. I have to mention the delicious Vegetable tart I had at the family get together, oh yes what a surprise Alex is talking about food and all the homemade meals I had including vegetarian shepherd pie, vegetarian Bolognese, Veggie Fajitas and I can't forget one of my new favourite dishes ratatouille.

I also watched my first ever Star Wars movie, starting with episode 9, if you could see the look on Elliott's face once the movie finished waiting for me to say how much I loved it, his look was priceless when I said “Yeah it was good” instead of “OMG this was the most incredible thing I have ever watched in my life!”. We also enjoyed lots of his mum's never-ending supply of tea and cupcakes, it's like a tradition now whenever we visit and a tradition I can get on board with.

Speaking of traditions my absolute favourite October tradition is Pumpkin Picking, yes MORE PUMPKINS! And it was so much fun, This year me, my family and my boyfriend Elliott went to Stanhill farm and there was great a selection of pumpkins in different sizes and colours for such affordable prices and for the first time I came across yellow pumpkins, I didn’t even know that was a thing. It always makes me so happy watching my niece and nephews run around choosing their pumpkins and we got so many cute family photos thanks to our camera lady aka my mum who loves to take photos, I’m not joking about the number of photo albums we have is crazy but I do enjoy looking back at old memories. This was also Elliott's first ever pumpkin picking experience and Elliott enjoyed it, no surprise since he is a big kid himself and how can you not enjoy pumpkin picking? Getting covered in mud, feeling cold... Ok, me describing pumpkin picking probably isn't selling you on the idea right now but trust me it's such a fun activity for family, friends and couples. After choosing the best of the best pumpkins, we headed over to their cafe for a well-deserved lunch where I had the vera toastie which was a scrummy combination of chilli jam, peppers and cheese along with a double chocolate cookie which I washed down with a creamy sweet hot chocolate, just what you need to warm up your insides.

October isn’t just about Halloween but also the month of my niece and brother in laws bday’s which means only one thing CAKE!! X2 !! Both cakes were delicious and both my niece and brother-in-law had a lovely day spoiled with lots of prezzies, cake and quality time.

Halloween Weekend is all about family time starting with a Halloweeny lunch, Now I’m not trying to brag but I made a great spread, of delicious food from ASDA and Sainsbury’s including a few creative extras like my monster yum yum and brownie bites; which was so easy to make all I did was add edible eyeballs, There was also the pumpkin fruit plate and my absolute favourite… Blood bags filled with blood to drink mwah haha ok I’m joking it was filled with black current juice !! The blood bags I got from amazon for an affordable price and great quality; are another fun, creative and super easy way to spook up your Halloween feast without having to spend a fortune. This was then followed by some fun and very loud quality time with the family playing Halloween Bingo and a Halloween quiz. Finishing the evening with our oldest tradition of us all watching Hocus Pocus, unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to watch the new Hocus Pocus 2 but hey guess it will be something to watch in November.

Pumpkin carving is one of my favourite things to do with my niece and nephews at this time of the year; its messy, creative and a little stinky I mean have you smelled the inside of a pumpkin, let's just say it's an acquired scent that I would advice you do not inhale on purpose. The kids and I came up with some spooky and crazy faces and Elliott showed off his artistic skills and just how nerdy he is by carving Grogu aka Baby Yoda from the Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian; Yes Elliott was my information guide on this topic and Yes you read that right a Star Wars pumpkin. This year we also decided to try baking and seasoning all the pumpkin seeds we had left from carving; The Cleaning of the seeds was very tedious and they ended up being very salty, I think my sister may have added a bit too much seasoning but texture-wise wasn’t bad and I’m curious on trying next time a sweet seasoning like cinnamon, I wonder if that would taste good what do you think?

TRICK OR TREAT! The kid's costumes always look great and I also look forward to doing their face paint they always come back with bucketloads of sweets. Yes, I may steal one or two but let's be honest what adult doesn’t nick a few sweets from the kid's Halloween stash?

I had a few extra holiday days with my Boyfriend so we had a Monday movie marathon and we decided to keep the spooky Halloween theme up by checking out the new Netflix series “The Imperfects” Which I would recommend watching if you are into supernatural and the new Netflix movie “The curse of bridge hallow” Which is kid friendly and very comical. As I have said Elliott is a big fan of Lego and so we also did a little Halloween lego set which was super cute I enjoyed making it, just look how cute it is! Of course, I don’t have as much patience as Elliott when it comes to lego but luckily I was making lego with an expert and the finishing outcome was just adorable and a fun little set to build too.

October 2022 was a time of beautiful memories and emotional moments that I will always remember.

Next up Fireworks night and CHRISTMAS !!!



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