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What October Means To Me ?

That moment I see leaves turning orange and falling to the floor, the cold bonfire smell that roams thought the air. I prepare myself with fluffy socks, beanie hats and baggy knitted jumpers …

The noise of a fireplace roaring after a long hibernation ready for Roasting marshmallows and sMores making with my niece and nephews. Afternoons baking cookies and brownies, oh! Theirs a question cookies or brownies ? I’m 100% all about the brownies even better when they are fresh out the oven, yummy, ok I really need to stop talking about sugary goodness.

Movie days wrapped up on the sofa in my blankets wearing pjs and fluffy socks eating snacks and drinking hot chocolate, featuring the iconic whipped cream moustache. Movie marathons of harry potter, Disney, Marvel and halloween themed movies. I also love going for Autumn walks around the countryside looking at the beautiful shades of oranges, browns and yellows. Being all wrapped up in scarf, hat and gloves protecting me from the freezing cold air and my boots ready for muddy puddle to jump in, yes, I’m a big kid so what.

I also have got to that age now where I like deep cleaning the house with mum in preparation of decorating the house with autumn and halloween decoration whilst playing some halloweeny tunes; and yes of course we include the famous Witch Doctor “Ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang” Well thats gonna be stuck in my head now at least till christmas songs start playing on the radio then its gonna be all about jingle bells, last christmas and Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Oh and I can finally indulge in my obsession with pumpkins! Yes, pumpkins in a variety of colours; orange, black, gold, white, brown, beige and cream and in a variety of materials from decorations to cushion covers to glitter to light up, the never ending list of pumpkins.

Let me be clear, yes, I love halloween but I’m am not a fan of horror, so no horror movies for me but I do enjoy our family traditions. My favourite Halloween traditions involve: pumpkin picking and carving with my mum, niece and 2 nephews, Decorating the house with my mum to have that cozy autumn/Halloween Aesthetic and our oldest halloween tradition is watching hocus pocus every year and this year hocus pocus 2 will be added to the tradition, I’m not sure if I can handle anymore hocus pocus. Now don’t get me wrong, I like it but when you have watched it every year since you were like 13, it can be a little monotonous.

Food! OMG! Food in the autumn and winter is the best; shepherds pie, stew, spaghetti Bolognese, hot pots, homemade soups, all vegetarian for me of course. It’s just every foodaholics dream or every vegetarian foodaholics dream but ya get the idea. Also I don’t have to worry about running out of surgery goodness, that we all clearly can tell by now that I have a serious sweet tooth problem. Anyway my niece and nephews come home from a hard night trick or treating and I get some, well how could I say no to free candy, ‘haha’ its free candy!

A new favourite thing I love todo is candle shopping, in search for that perfect seasonal scent and I’ve already got a deliciously smelling sweet pumpkin and caramel pumpkin shaped candle, it's so good I could eat it, but don’t worry, for safety reasons I won’t. However, you can never have too many candles so I’m gonna have to get some more for my autumn collection and I know all my candle lovers out their will understand the addiction is real. Something i’ve always wanted to do in autumn is a cheese fondue night and you best believe that’s happening this year; cheese, warm bread maybe a cheeky little rosa and lemonade, add a little cheese and veggie meat board, oh it's getting real fancy now.

Now As I have said in previous articles, my boyfriend LOVES lego and this will be our first halloween together as a couple and we have decided to start our own tradition of building a halloween themed lego set together, which we are both looking forward to and I have the cutest little lego set in mind. It’s a little black cat, grey mouse and some orange pumpkins its just too adorable. I am very excited to build it and it is always exciting to start a new tradition with the ones you love wether its family, friends or a relationship.

Autumn is an amazing time of the year and as you can tell I love so much about it. What’s your favourite thing about this time of the year? Do you have any Halloween traditions?



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