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My Queen's Tribute

I never realised just how emotional it could be losing someone I never personally knew until the day I heard that Queen Elizabeth ll had passed.

I'm not going to give you a history lesson on Queen Elizabeth ll, merely the words of thoughts, my expression of sympathy for the family and speak the honourable words she deserved and to say that I’m grateful I lived in a time with a queen so kind and patient and worthy of the crown she wore and the deserving title she had.

Not just my country but the entire world lost a woman who sacrificed her whole life for her country, a woman that had the chance to do good and did, a woman who took the cards she was dealt and created her beautiful story alongside all the obstacles, challenges and burdens I can only imagine she faced. Queen Elizabeth ll was a brave, strong woman who touched so many hearts, She was a woman loved and respected by many. I was a personal fan of her beautiful bright outfits, her comical personality, her adorable corgis and the love she had for her family.

I was lucky enough to visit Buckingham palace to pay my respects and it will be a time in my life that I can speak of to my children and grandchildren, it's a privilege to have had you as my queen.

A queen is more than someone who wears crowns and waves and in the 70 years she was queen she showed that You queen Elizabeth ll are and always will be a sign of inspiration, strength, kindness and much more I thank you for your service, your time you sacrifices and now you can be back with your mum, dad, sister and prince Philip, you can rest easy and peacefully you queen Elizabeth ll did our country proudly

My thoughts go out to the royal family losing a loved one is never easy but Elizabeth's life will live on through all our lives, her stories will be told and she will always be remembered.

Gone but will never be forgotten



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