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Hello, Summer 2023!

Hello, summer 2023! How can it be summertime already? I don't know, but I am ready! Summer is all about soaking up the sun, creating memories with loved ones, and lots and lots of BBQ or veggie BBQ in my case.

I love all times of the year because they all bring such different adventures and experiences. When it comes to summer, mine include having fun and making memories with my niece and nephews, pub lunches at the weekends with my friends, relaxing in the garden with a book, and exploring new places with my boyfriend. As I said, I love having as much summer fun with my niece and nephews as possible, and the kiddos and I always decide on things we want to do in the summer. So far, on the list, we have a trampoline campout, picnics in the field, lots of time in the pool, of course, making homemade ice lollies, Oh and water balloon fights. What's on yours?

This summer is also going to be the first proper step into my firefighting career as I have my physical and fitness test at the end of July. Yes, I'm excited, but also nervous. It's a whole load of emotions, but it will definitely be a real test training in this heat, so wish me luck on that.

I do enjoy summer, but there are two things I don't love about this time of year. Number one, the overheating. Now, I'm going to be honest: I can't handle too much heat. I am the kind of girl who runs hot anyway, so when the heat is on full sizzle, well, that's just too much for me to handle. I will probably be somewhere on the floor, saying dramatically, "I can't take this anymore." But I am that typical English person when it's rainy and cold, I wish it was dry and hot, and when it's dry and hot and I'm sweating it out, I wish it was rainy and cold. I can honestly say there is no pleasing me when it comes to the weather. Plus, the heat all comes up to my bedroom and turns the place into a sauna. I'm not kidding sometimes it's so hot in the summer nights that I have to sleep downstairs. It's clear I was not cut out for a lot of heat. Number two: the bugs. I must have sweet blood or something because I get bitten loads, and I can't stand it. I get all itchy and red, and it makes me so irritable.

If you don't know what to do this summer and need some ideas, keep a lookout as I will be sharing with you all free things to do in London this summer, fun things you can do at home this summer on a budget, how to protect your animals in the summer, plus documenting my summer travels and more.

Happy summer, everyone!



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