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Reasons I love Camden Market

I love a market, and Camden Market is one of the most popular markets in London. On my first trip there, I thought it was great, but my second trip to Camden Market made me realise I had only scratched the surface of the place. After really getting to know Camden Market, I wanted to share my top reasons on why I love Camden Market so much.

Reason number one: Art. I think what really draws me to Camden Market is the creativity that flourishes through the streets. With so many types of art to discover, the unique styles, the fun colours, and the culture, there are so many different forms of expression to explore. I find Camden to be one of those places that encourages a creative atmosphere, a place of inspiration. I have always had an appreciation for art, and I don’t mean in the academic intellectual side of it, but just being an admirer of the hard work and confidence the artists of Camden Street showcase.

Whilst checking out all the graffiti, this has to be some of the top work I found…

Reason number two: The Food and Drink. Now, would this even be an original Alex article if I didn't talk about food? It was lunchtime, and there were so many choices, but I had to go for one of my absolute favourites, Yorkshire Burrito. It was so good! I had the famous cauliflower and leek burrito and a cup of their fresh lemonade, which you can read all about in my article when I first experienced the excellent Yorkshire Burrito (Click Here).

Reason number Three: The location. My favourite location of Camden has to be by the river. It's so pretty and calming. I love looking at the canal boats, and it was such a lovely day, so I got to enjoy strolling around near the water, seeing all the beautiful flowers blooming from spring, and feeling the warmth from the sunshine on my skin. The further up the river you walk, the more peaceful and calming it becomes. So, when you need a breather from the crazy loud busy market, I suggest you take to the river.

Reason Number 4: The fun places to explore. There are so many fun places. It's like a maze with wonders around every corner, including lots of Camden shops with lots of incredible clothes, art, decor, and more. On my recent visit, I came across this cute shop on the main road of Camden that sells incredible paintings. I honestly may have to purchase one on my next trip because they were all so beautiful. I also loved how the shop had this vintage clothes section within the store, and there were some very cool clothes which also made me discover new styles that I liked, but the price tags were just a little too high for me. But it was still so lovely to look at.

Going around the markets, you also come across a lot of unique stalls, including this one fun quirky stall where you can design your phone case, with lots of cute unique quirky resin designs to choose from. It's a really cool idea for gifts too, and this place is definitely on my list of things to do on my next Camden trip. Being a creative artistic person myself, I love seeing the amazing things people come up with. Whilst walking around the arts and crafts section of the market, I came across a really cool stall where this lady creates art with recycled paper, all sorts like newspapers. It was so impressive and different. I actually purchased two Star Wars pieces for my boyfriend as a gift, which he loved by the way, and they were such affordable prices. Plus, I’m all about supporting small independent businesses.

I also checked out the famous Hansel and Gretel sweet store, which really looked the part with all the amazing displays, the giant statues outside, and the cool tea room display in a cottage inside the store. The layout was fun and like something out of a children's book. Oh wait, it is a children's book. Well, you know what I mean. Anyway, the most important part you want to know is the sweets, right? So, I didn't actually buy anything, unfortunately. However, there were lots of fun sweet treats to try, but I was really interested in the pick and mix. Disappointingly, there were not many vegetarian/vegan sweet options. If there were, I may have been more tempted to buy a pick and mix bag. In my personal opinion, I do feel that they could try and cater a bit better with more varieties for vegetarians and vegans. If they do, I will be the first in line.

The top highlight for my second trip to Camden market has to be seeing the famous red, orange, and yellow umbrellas. I know to some that may seem a little basic, but what can I say? Walking down the long path, looking up and ahead at the beautiful umbrellas equals a happy Alex.

Every time I go to Camden, I come across something else I want to do or try, and next on the list is the canal boat, Coyote Ugly bar, and some more food taste testing. Is Camden Market on your list of places to go? Well, it is now.



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