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Scrubber Dub Dub!

My first Bath experience, and no, I’m not on about a Bath tub. I’m talk about finally exploring the beautiful streets of Bath, home to some of the oldest and most beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen.

Spending time down my boyfriends with no plans, we decided to finally go see Bath and all its glory. It was such a fun little spontaneous day. No plans just one train stop away to another world.

First stop was to the incredible Toppings and company. One of the coolest book stores I have been to yet! Let me list the reason why I love this place; One: the beautiful little walk up to the place was so effortlessly beautiful, the old buildings, the quiet walk, it was peaceful and calming. Two: the never ending bookshelves, little did I think that the balcony upstairs area and the main floor was everything that this place had to offer. But there was more, the place had a hidden downstairs area and every time you turn a corner even more books appear. Three: the ladders, and no I’m not talking about any old ladders, I’m talking about the the old fashion ones, bolted to a rail, allowing the user to move them around the walls. This just gives me old library vibes. Four: the big blue front door. I just love it, the door contains no detailed, it is just plain and simple. Five: I came across the coolest looking Sherlock Holmes collection, that desperately want.

After finally pulling myself from book heaven, we then took a walk around the city. Admiring Bath Abbey. I was so gutted that we didn’t get to go inside but honestly we was thrown off a little by the “Suggested donation” As we were both on a budget and we were excited to explore one of Baths biggest historical landmarks. But when entering, we was asked for a suggested donation of £18. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for supporting and donating, I mean I do fund-raising and donation collect for good causes but it was very misleading and made me feel a little uncomfortable and pressured, Maybe another time I guess. I love a good old market, and I was looking forward to going to Guildford market as many people have spoken highly of it. However, I have to say, I was a little disappointed in it, other than a book stand, the rest of fabrics and DIY bits and bobs. We also took a stroll down by the river and looked at the Pulteney Bridge. We then checked out the free section of Victoria art gallery, which again had a lot of beautiful architectural designs, it education part too are exploring plus my boyfriend enjoys learning new things or in this case old things.

Of course one of my favourite things about exploring a new place is the food and no I’m not always thinking about my belly and taste buds but any true foodie will understand the excitement. Moments into exploring, I came across some really intriguing food places which can read all about and see my ratings (Click here). I also have to mention The Fudge kitchen. This was probably one of the coolest places I saw whilst in Bath.This place was very unique, the fudge was delicious and the workers were funny and entertaining, they really knew how to sell their fudge. The best part was that you could actually watch them make the fudge, which I found refreshing and fascinating to watch.

loved everything about the location, for every corner that we turned, I don’t even have words for it. It was as if the streets told stories of its past, or came out from a scene in a book. Bath is such a popular tourist destination with lots of little trinket shops, brunch spots and more however, my favourite shop had to be the toys store called my small word toys. We looked en-route back to the train station. The toy store was like a children’s play room, filled with creativity and imagination. It was set out so beautifully, so inviting and the toys were so fun to look at. They were all ‘old fashion’ and some with a touch of modern taste. They all had such a simple use, but yet so fun and honestly made me wanna be a kid again.

All the little extras just made the day even better. Lots of talented buskers filling the streets with music, cute doggies everywhere I looked, I wanted to take them all home with me, but I have enough doggies already. My boyfriend also got us to checkout a cool little comic store which was hidden between buildings called American Dream Comics. This is wear I bought my first Cat women Comic. The only thing that could have made the day better was if the sun had come out and made it a bit warmer. I’m looking forward to my second trip back in the summer, where I can visit the roman Baths, checkout some of their thermal swimming pools and visit the beautiful botanical gardens.

If you haven’t already, make sure you go explore Bath. And don’t worry, you won’t be needing your rubber duck and bubbles for this one, unless you want to of course.



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