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St Dunstan Church Garden

Walking through those beautiful iron gates to see the structure from the church that remains standing was breathtaking; The beautiful carved-out windless widows, the stunning archways and the emotions I felt seeing where the fire had scorched across the walls, The history seeps into every part of the place and was truly something to see, However, I did find it disappointing to see that one part of the church walls had graffiti all over it and I’m not on about a beautiful piece of art but just peoples names scratched it was a real shame to see.

Nature at its finest, as I sat in the beautiful seating area in the centre of the church gardens listening to the delightful sounds of birds chirping, watching a squirrel running up and down the trees and the greenery and flowers growing so poetically over what remains, I honestly could have sat there for hours. If you're looking for a piece of zen St Dunstan church gardens is a perfect location, as you feel like you're walking into another world.

St Dunstan church was originally built around 1100 unfortunately, It was severely damaged in 1666 by the Great Fire of London and in 1941 The Church was again severely damaged when bombed in the blitz, but from destruction beauty always finds a way, Hidden between the buildings of London is where St Dunstan church garden awaits for you.

The church gardens showcase exceptionally well that just because something has been hurt or damaged doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful or worth saving.



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