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Bleeding Wolf Pub Review

After a lovely day gliding through the waters on a narrowboat, we moored up for the night and decided that after smashing out 24 locks, a nice cold drink and a bit of pub grub were well earned. So, we took a short walk from the water over to the Bleeding Wolf.

I always say first impressions are important, and from the moment I entered, it was all welcoming faces. The pub, in general, was so nice and a lot bigger than I expected. I love thatched roofs, and I loved the classy country style they went for. When I stepped inside, it got even better. I wouldn't say the interior design is completely my style, but I loved so many little details. My absolute favourites have to be the horse reins and bit around the curtains – such clever, unique additions. I also found the rabbit statue with the lamp on its head quite comical. And, of course, being a huge animal lover, I found it very humble that they had an actual dog-friendly menu and a jar of dog treats for all the doggies that visited – so cute! Finally, I loved the big fancy chair surrounded by plants and books. It was a well-designed little corner.

Kicking things off with a drink, I decided to try a new gin flavour and went for the mulberry gin with lemonade. I really liked the taste – nice and sweet. Plus, I was obsessed with the cute little bumblebee straws. If you've read enough of my articles, you know I'm a sucker for quirky little things like that. I also tried some of Elliott's Jaffa cake vodka and coke. Yes, you read that correctly – Jaffa cake flavoured vodka. Honestly, what will they come up with next? Now, I'm not a big vodka fan, but I have to say it tasted good. It was sweet but not too sweet. You could really taste the orange in it, but it wasn't overpowering.

Now, onto the mains. I was really in the mood for something homemade with vegetables, you know, so I went for the vegetable lasagna with garlic bread. I have to say, it was an excellent choice. The vegetable lasagna was very fresh, cheesy, creamy, and filling. I also have to say the garlic bread was some of the best garlic bread I have ever eaten – really soft and fluffy, not dry at all. Maybe a little less burning on the edges would be a good idea, though. In my opinion, the presentation was nice but a little simple. It's not a deal-breaker for me, but it could have maybe looked better on a plate instead of a bowl. It's important to remember people choose food with their eyes, and you want the dishes to look the part as well as taste great. Overall, great price, quick service, and I would happily eat here again.

My only real negative was the toilets. They were disappointing. Considering how fantastic the rest of the place looked, that appearance should be maintained throughout every part of the pub. When I went to use the bathroom, my face dropped as they didn't smell very good, and the toilets didn't look very clean. It could have been an off day, and the responsibilities of the bathroom slipped, but it's still very important that the bathrooms are maintained very well, and unfortunately, on my visit, that wasn't the case.

Overall, it looked amazing inside and out (not including the bathrooms). The food and drinks were delightful, and the customer service was excellent. The Bleeding Wolf better keep on howling.

Customer Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Food & Drink ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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