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Dad; I Love You.

What is a dad? A dad is someone who looks into his child's eyes with all the love in the world and vows to love, protect, support, and guide them the best that he can. Who is my dad? My dad is my real-life superhero, my protector, my guide, and my supporter; he is kind, caring, and the man who always puts his family first.

I have always been a daddy's girl, Mom always says he gave in on everything when it came to me. I remember the first time Mom told me the story of when I was 3 and we went to Disneyland. Mom had put me in this really nice white jacket and told Dad not to let me ruin it. Mom went into a shop for only a few minutes and when she came back, she saw that Dad had gotten me one of those giant lollies. And yes, you best believe I was covered in it. Mom wasn't impressed, but hey, I had a giant lolly in Disneyland. I was happy, haha.

Dad, we have always been close, and my favourite memories growing up with you as my dad have to be our drawing games, We would sit and create drawings from scribbles, and you amazed me with your cartoon drawings. Also, our TV time watching Storage Hunters and Pimp My Ride, and how we both have a love for cheese, crackers, and chutney.

Most people see only one side of my dad, this intimidating man, but I see the side that he shares with his family. I see how much he loves my mom, I see what a great dad he is to me and my siblings, I see how brilliant of a grandad he is to my niece and nephews, and I see him do all he can to help the ones he loves.

Dad, thank you...

Thank you for always being the man who's never left my life. Thank you for being the hard worker you have always been, Thank you for trying to make me laugh when I cry, Thank you for all the times you have picked up all the pieces of my broken heart and glued them back together, Thank you for always being there when I need a hug, But most importantly, thank you for loving me unconditionally.

Happy Father's Day, Dad, and I love you lots!



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