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Fun Things To Do In October

October hits, and it's all pumpkins and spooky fun. I've always enjoyed the "ber" months for a whole load of reasons, but here are my top 10 fun things to do in October.

1. Pumpkin picking has to be at the top of my list. I love taking my niece and nephews pumpkin picking; it's such a simple Halloween activity to do, but it's so fun seeing the kids enjoy themselves, walking around fields finding the best of the best pumpkins. Although personally, when I am on the search for the best pumpkin, I try to choose the weirdest, wackiest-shaped one. It's such a great activity for adults and kids; getting muddy and making memories.

2. Pumpkin carving, of course, has to be on the list next after all the pumpkin picking, we do enjoy letting our pumpkin artist side come out. And, of course, I have a great time with my niece and nephews get creative as well as listening to them complain about how gross the pumpkins smell and how weird it feels scraping pumpkin guts out, haha.

3. Decorating is an obvious one, but I’ve always enjoyed decoration in the holidays, whether it's Easter, Halloween, or Christmas. I love the mixtures of burnt orange, blacks, and yellows and pumpkins everywhere I look. I just love it, and this year the decor is looking amazing!

4. This is a simple one; Go for walks. Yes, I know it's cold and wet, but I love walking around, seeing the seasons change, the orange and yellow leaves fallen to the floor, the naked trees, and puddles of rain anywhere. I also love the after-walk feels when you get home, all wrapped up, and drink hot chocolate in your cosiest PJs, all snuggled up next to the fireplace.

5. Now, weather in October is normally wet and gloomy, and usually non-stop rain, and one of the greatest indoor activities you can do has to be baking; whether it's cookies, cakes, or my favourite, brownies. Baking is a must-do, and who doesn't love a delicious sweet treat?

6. I love a movie night! Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Hocus Pocus, Addams Family; they are my go-to "ber" month movies. I'm a fan of all the fantasy, magical genres along with popcorn, sweet snacks, and some hot chocolate. A perfect night in with friends, family, your loved one or even solo.

7. This one will be at the top of the list for any book lover; Snuggling up in your fluffiest throw with a fire going, drinking hot chocolate (because I'm not a coffee fan), and reading a new or old favourite autumn/Halloween-themed book. This year, I’m reading the Hocus Pocus All-new sequel and I can't wait.

8. Cheese fondue and s'mores night! Whether it's with your friends, family, or partner, you can't go wrong with hot gooey food. I am a big foodie, and all I can say is chocolate and cheese is a yes please!

9. I've always been a creative person, so another great idea is a crafts night; paint pumpkins, jump on the TikTok viral ghost picture painting trend, design your own Halloween doormat, whatever you want because arts and crafts is a perfect way to have fun and express yourself.

10. Last but not least; My family and I love to finish the last day of October, aka Halloween day, with a family Halloween dinner party; Party food, games and finishing off the night with our family tradition, watching the Hocus Pocus movie.

So if you're looking for ideas for October or Halloween fun, I hope this helps and you have a spooktacular time.



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