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Murder Mystery 2 - The kidnapping Of The Great Maharajah

You solve one murder in the most destructive and unsophisticated way ever so naturally of course the next step is to quit your jobs and become private investigators. Right?

I love everything about Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston characters; Nick and Audrey. Nick’s personality in murder mystery 2 is basically a sum up of whale nosies, cheese and Dentil floss business cards; Which I have to say is so weird but using dentil floss to escape a fire was a unexpected and very creative choice in tools. Audrey’s personality is all about being the best detective, solving the kidnap and getting Nick to read the book. I love how Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston works so well together. I also feel like they ain’t really acting when they’re in these movies because their personalities are like this with each other outside of the films, which are always so comical and entertaining to watch.

It brings me so much joy that I can also talk about cheese! I LOVE how much cheese was involved in this movie firstly “Unicorn cheese” oh my God, I’m so using this thank you Adam Sandler and then there was my absolute favourite line … “The cheese has taken a hold of me, I can’t stop” and this is literally something I would say. I love Jennifer Aniston’s response “take a slice like a civilised person” Any real cheese lover would never take just a slice Audrey! Everything about this was just epic.

In a lot of Adam Sandler movies I do find there to be at least one WHAT THE FUCK MOMEMTS! and this has to be it, ‘yes I am talking about why the actual fuck is with their flamingos wearing diapers’ I mean it’s mental, but at the same time very practical and I don’t know if it’s really stupid or actually quite ingenious lets be honest, only an Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston movies could get away with something as weird as this and then seconds later I found myself saying ‘Why the fuck is a giraffe wearing diaper too’, I don’t know it’s stupid or ingenious. What do you think?

The great Maharajah was one the funniest characters in murder mystery one and I was excited to see him back again and this time it was him who was getting married. Maharajah is a non-stop laughing, weird and wonderful character and I feel that he matches Nick and Audreys vibe so well. Iv’e always been a fan of how incredible Indian weddings are and I love the outfits they were all wearing. They are absolutely beautiful, vibrant, classy and sexy. I also enjoyed the dance scene which got even better when Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, try joining in on the dancing, it is absolutely brilliant and I generally feel like when this was being filmed, it was improvised and Adam and Jennifer’s dance attempt and reactions were all real. I also have to say props to Adam cause he really went for it ‘haha’.

Detective Alex mode; Vicks been kidnapped who has Motives and opportunities? Easy answer, they all do, but which 2 are the kidnappers? Let's meet the suspects … First up is Francisco; creepy and annoying but at no point did I suspect him so let's take him off the list. Next up is the fiancé; Claudette, She came across to be very much in love with Maharajah and gave me no reason to think she was involved. Then there was the Countess, Sekou; Maharajah’s ex fiancé and her little sidekick Imani; who was so annoying with the weirdest laugh ever. Then it seemed a little too obvious and technically they weren’t involved in the kidnapping, they just stole the money that was promised to the kidnappers and then ended up killing each other, which I still found a bit random and unexpected but anyway, they are dead so not them. Which left me with Mr miller; who yes got blown up, However that doesn’t necessarily mean that it he is dead. this could be a diversion and he’s actually the bad guy, The Colonel which I’m convinced is innocent and lastly Saira the Maharajah’s sister who just seemed too nice too “Innocent”

It was great to see the smoke circle maker himself Inspector Delacroix in Murder Mystery 2. however this time round I found his character to be similar to Fransisco in the way that he seemed creepy and was a little uncomfortable and grossed out by some of his scenes, which has left me conflicted on how I feel about his character.

My favourite Paris Highlights had to include the mass murder by Audrey in the van. Which lead to “POLE ! What? There’s a POLEEE! I can’t hear you! SMACK! Never mind” And the pretty obvious but still funny moment they get in a sports car again and Audrey is the driver. - ce qui se passe à paris reste à paris - What happens in Paris stays in Paris

A few of Nick and Audrey’s finest moments in Murder Mystery 2 has to include Audrey; The mimicked laugh was just perfect, her accidentally killing the bad guy in the van with an axe and the stacked high buffet plate at the wedding that she fed to a plant. Nicks of course has to be “The unicorn cheese”, Nick drugging him and Audrey by accident and Oh my God, how many times they were moving the furniture and flowers in front of the door and back every time someone knocked. I also was completely baffled but the moment Maharajah gave a bag of money to Nick and Audrey in a bag, wait for it … made of dinosaur skin! What?

One underrated character I have to mention is Susan. Firstly she was so random, literally wouldn't have seen her character appearing in the scene, actually I wouldn’t have expected to see her in this movie, but it was yet again unexpected and funny. ‘I have a thought’, Imagine the scene still happening but instead of Susan coming out of the elevator it’s Steven, played by the one and only Kevin James personally I think this would be incredible!

Mr Miller and the sister! Honestly sometimes I feel like I should go into the detective business !

I feel like it’s hard for a second movie to top the first movie, but I do have to say, Murder Mystery 1 and 2 were both fantastic. I don’t know if 2 was better than 1. I personally say it’s a tie because they are both different yet similar stories. They both have so much comedy along with excellent actors and actresses that set the bar very high. I hope that there is a Murder Mystery 3 because I do enjoy a great detective movie and It is even more enjoyable when the comical duo is played by the very talented Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. These movies are a perfect combination of detective and comedy genres movies. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston had done loads of movies together and they always bring new fresh comedy every time, so if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you watch Murder Mystery 1 & 2. They are perfect movies for a date night in, movie night with friends and family, a you time movie night.


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