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My Top London Food Experiences

I love food! I get so excited about food - the way it looks, smells, and tastes. I really enjoy cooking, but I also love eating out, discovering new places, new cuisines, and new dishes. I wanted to share some of my top foodie experiences and some of the best dishes I have eaten.

Okay, so first up, the perfect date night spot has to be Botanica restaurant in Bedford Hotel, which is only a few minutes' walk from Russell station. This was one of the best date nights me and Elliott have had. The food was absolutely delicious. The Botanica cocktail I had was doing somersaults on my tongue. The service was on point, the atmosphere was set to romance, and the price was so affordable. By the end of dinner, I felt like I just ate at a 5-star restaurant. If you're looking for something romantic, something bougie, a place with exciting cocktails, tasty dishes, and excellent service, then book your next date night with Botanica - they won't disappoint.

Brunch is one of my new favourite times of the day, and if you're planning to brunch in London, that's easy - Drunch is the place to brunch. And let me tell you, the dish you are gonna wanna get is the avocado on toast with boiled egg and chilli flakes. This mouthwatering dish will leave you doing your own little happy food dance. Make sure you also get one of their fancy chai lattes - it's a perfect sweet drink if you're not a fan of coffee. The presentation is everything when brunching, so this dish and drink choice will create the perfect Instagram post. Last but not least, don't worry about their price because they look the part of fancy high society, but they are so affordable, and the staff are so friendly and polite. Whether you're solo brunching or brunching with friends, this is the place for you.

Want to hit a market on Sunday but don't want to miss a Sunday roast? Problem solved - check out Yorkshire Burrito at Camden Market. It is the place to be. It's quick, clever, and it's a roast. Who wouldn't love all the roast ingredients wrapped in a giant Yorkshire pudding? But don't worry, all my vegetarians out there - they have an amazing cauliflower cheese roast burrito, which is out of this world. Make sure you grab one of their fresh lemonade drinks too - so zingy and sweet, and it goes so well with the Yorkshire Burrito.

Now, if you're still at Camden Market and still hungry, I also have to recommend Mac Factory. I'm a cheeseaholic and love Mac and cheese, and the day I tried this for the first time, my expectations on what Mac and cheese should taste like went higher because Mac Factory is the cheesiest, fastest pot of goodness. I had the Vegetarian classic pot, and it was amazing! Plus, a quick tip - make sure you have your camera ready for the cheese pull because it's every food lover's dream.

If you need a chocolate overdose - and I mean a chocolate overdose - Italian Bear Chocolate is the place to go. But if you think you can handle your chocolate, think again, because this place means business. Their chocolate isn't like any chocolate I've ever tasted. And if you're like me and get super excited over sweet treats and tend to order with your eyes instead of your stomach, let me recommend only choosing the triple chocolate cake or the triple chocolate hot chocolate. These dishes are amazing but super sickly and super rich.

"If you're looking to try out new cuisines, may I suggest Chinatown? One of the coolest spots in Chinatown has to be Bunhouse. They do amazing steamed buns with lots of different fillings at such a great price: 3 for £11. I really enjoyed the vegetable-filled steam bun; it was so fresh and filling. But my favourite has to be the TikTok viral custard-filled buns. They were so sweet! After eating just 2 of the bao buns, I was surprisingly full. This was a real out-of-my-comfort-zone food experience that I really enjoyed and highly recommend for quick taste testing in Chinatown.

Speaking of trying out new cuisines, have you ever had Fuwa Fuwa? If you've got a craving for something sweet and fluffy, it's perfect. Fuwa Fuwa serves Japanese soufflé pancake dishes with different toppings, and OMG, the only way I can describe the dish I had is like eating a sweet, honeycomb-flavoured cloud. It was so good! I think I went for one of the basic flavours, if you could even call it basic because they all looked amazing, and the flavours were all so intriguing, which made choosing very difficult. Honestly, I wanted one of each. Plus, this was another reasonably priced dish, and the staff were so friendly. So, when you get those pancake cravings, make sure you choose Fuwa Fuwa.

Finally, Noxy Bros is where they make the perfect egg and avocado bagel. I have always enjoyed avocado dishes but have yet to try it in a bagel. When I saw that Noxy Bros were all about the bagels, I just had to check out their avocado and egg bagel. This bagel was a game-changer for me. It was so fresh, so filling—I mean, they are really generous with the filling. I think there was more egg and avocado than there was bagel, not that I'm complaining. But this is the bagel all avocado lovers need in their life.

I have so many more places I could tell you about, but instead, just check them out on my food and drinks review page to explore more London options and find more detailed reviews on the food and drink places we have spoken about.

You may think you're in love, but once you've had any of these dishes, you'll think again."



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