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The Gated Garden in London

I love the flowers that I get that from my mum. She has always been an out in the garden kinda woman. My mum likes to buy flowers, plants and sometimes even trees some of the time, ‘well actually, a lot of the time’. Me and my family even have bets on just how many plants she’s gonna come back with when she says she going to the garden centre. It’s always so funny when she walks through the door with more plants than she can carry. Anyways, like my mum I love flowers too and can’t help but stop and look at natures creations. The beauty, the colours, the style they are all so wonderfully unique and they make me feel happy and bubbly. I think that’s what flowers do though, they bring a happy atmosphere to others and are a symbol of love. And I love love.

One of the places I always seem to discover cute flower places is London. And one of my favourites is: The gated Garden in Borough Market. Why do I like gated garden? Well, firstly I love the layout, its not your typical flower market. It’s unique shape and farmhouse/ shabby chic theme. The place is cute and very inviting. Then there is the obvious reason, the beautiful variety of flowers with a variety of styles and colours to choose from. I also like the section where you can choose your own flowers to make up your own personalised bouquet. The prices there are all so affordable, it combines well with the quality of the product. I also enjoy looking at the cactus and succulents selection they have as there are always fun and quirky styles. I’ve bought one for my sister from there before on a previous visit and she was so happy with it. Lastly the people that run the gated garden have always been very friendly and kind, which is exactly the customer service you want to receive.

My most recent visit, I purchase some beautiful pink tulips for my auntie and they were absolutely perfect. It was a hard choice as I was spoilt for choice on colours and I couldn’t decide whether to buy the beautiful pink tulips or the fiery orange tulips as they both stood out so well.

I have always loved so many different flowers but my favourite would have to be Roses, what’s yours?



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