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Flowers Blooming In Spring - London Gardens I Visited

I’ve always been all about flowers, plants, nature, and the peacefulness that accompanies it. The elegance, the beauty, the way a garden calms me and reminds me on how precious and winsome life is. On my most recent trip to London I spent the week exploring a new area called Bloomsbury. The medical and academic quarter of London, which you could easily see, being surround by lots of old architecture, significant monuments and more.

First I visited Brunswick square garden, it had quaint pretty grounds with beautiful coloured flowers of all types dotted around, including some of my personal favourites roses and daffodils. Its a lovely little garden perfect for when you need some time to yourself, a place to breath, and a place to think. Brunswick garden was a lovely garden to explore, looking at nature in all its glory.

Another day of the week I went to Tavistock square garden; I love blossom trees and the big beautiful pink blossom tree lured me in straight away. I sat down just underneath the blossom tree with her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, ‘well’, not quite literally her, it was a plaque on the bench that had be made in her honour and I think this was a perfect spot for her bench to be placed. Looking up at the blossom tree was so tranquil, so calming. If it had been a little warmer I could have sat there for hours reading my book.

Lastly, I strolled around Russell square garden which was the biggest of the 3 gardens that I explored. Beautiful opened area with lots of enchanting plants and matured trees including a white blossom tree and as we have already established, I love blossom trees. At one point the wind blew and lots of little blossom petals danced through the wind. It was actually quite beautiful. One thing that stood out about Russel square garden was the cute outdoors cafe, I unfortunately didn't have anything for there, but it look very sweet and inviting.

I wished I had time to explore more of the gardens as they all seemed very welcoming. I also liked that they all had an information board, where you could read about the history of the parks. Strolling around I could see how well the gardens are taken cared of and I’m sure they will be even prettier and brighter as summer time comes around. If your looking for a cute picnic spot, or somewhere outdoorsy you can relax, read a book, sunbath, have a day with the kids, family, friends or your loved ones, I recommend that you checkout these gorgeous gardens.



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