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When The Bees Are Buzzing And The Birds Are Chirping

I love spring time! Flowers are blossoming, baby animals everywhere, the weather is brighter and warmer, the sky is bluer and of course it’s Easter!

I enjoy celebrating many occasions of the year and I have some great childhood memories of Easter. One of my favourite childhood memories from easter was when my entire family from London came to my house for easter and we did a big easter egg hunt in the garden. It was so fun and I was so small back then, I remember I kept finding sweet but all in really high places that I couldn’t reach, but it was ok, I was the baby of the cousins so I had extra help ‘haha’. I also remember our first easter when visiting our new home here in Kent and my mum and dad got me and my siblings an easter egg and I got a massive Maltesers’ egg and I’m not joking when I say massive, I mean massive and it was Eggsquisite! ‘See what I did there, haha’.

Becoming an auntie to my handsome nephews and beautiful niece means we carry on the traditions, having easter egg hunts. Eating a lovely easter lunch together with my family and of course eating chocolate eggs. I mean, I like almost all chocolate but I have to admit, I do enjoy a mini egg and cream egg around this time of the year.

Of Course I can’t forget to include how I love decorating my home with my mum with some easter decorations. This year I came across the best things ever ... Easter Gonks !! If you don’t know by now I am obsessed with Gonks and I’m not Yoking! ‘Oh yes another egg joke’. I couldn’t help myself and bought 3 of them and I mean look how cute they are I’m obsessed! I also this year really went all out on my window display and I am very happy with the results.

Spring time is one of the best times of the year, its new life, new beginnings, spring cleaning and fresh starts.

Happy Easter everyone and hope you have an Eggselent day! ‘Yes I have a whole list of easter jokes that will crack you up ... ok I will stop now I wont keep egging ya on ok thats the last one I promise haha’. Happy Easter Everyone



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