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Whoa Whoa Is Fuwa Fuwa?

Have you ever had Fuwa Fuwa? NO! Okay, well, this one needs to go on your foodie bucket list for sure! Fuwa Fuwa is the UK's first and original Fuwa Fuwa pancakes store. It is where they make Japan's Soufflé pancake dishes that are now officially one of my favourite types of pancakes ever.

Fuwa Fuwa gave me very chill vibes from the moment I entered. The interior design was what I would describe as clean, simple, and quirky. The clean white colours everywhere and the cute hanging clouds with quirky artwork on the walls made this place feel inviting, along with very friendly and polite staff. I also enjoyed the choice of music that was played in the background, and I liked that there is a little area where you can actually watch the pancakes being made. I give them props for this because, to me, it shows they have confidence in their dishes and confidence in themselves.

The premier original pancakes were what I went for, and wow! These have to be the fluffiest pancakes I have ever eaten! After my first bite, I was away with the clouds. Get it? Cause there were cloud decor all around the place. I know my jokes are brilliant, right? The dish was so beautifully presented, and the whipped cream, homemade honeycomb butter, and maple syrup paired with the jiggly fluffy pancakes. It was like eating soft sweet pillows wrapped in a cloud, and yes, this is probably the weirdest way I have ever described a dish, but this was delightful sweet goodness, and I can’t get over how fluffy they were! Amazing! I am very happy with my choice. It was vegetarian-friendly, the taste was sweet but not sickly, they are served in a very generous portion size, and was such an affordable price. For me, I would say this is a 10/10 dish that all pancake lovers need to try.

I decided to really throw myself into the “trying something new” attitude I had going and was curious about the Iced Milk tea. Like what the hell is that? I had never had one of these before, so I was curious. When asking the lady that served me, the way she described an Iced milk tea came across in a very appealing way.

First impressions, the drink looked cool and appealing to the eyes. It actually looked kinda like an ice coffee. I loved the fact that there was honeycomb in it as I love honeycomb, but when I took my first sip, it was quite milky tasting, and yes, I know it's a milk drink, but I couldn’t really taste the honeycomb. So, I decided to leave it for a while to see if the honeycomb needed time to infuse with the milk. After I finished my heavenly dish of pancakes, I tried it again. The taste had improved a bit, but it wasn't as sweet tasting as I was hoping. I wouldn't describe it as the greatest thing I have ever drank, but yet I couldn’t stop drinking it. How does that make sense? Overall, I would give this a fair 5/10. Not the sweetest, but if you like milk, then it's not half bad.

I had a very positive experience at Fuwa Fuwa in Brunswick, London, and was so over the moon with my pancakes that were served to me. The lady who served me had excellent customer service skills, the atmosphere was chill, and, well, I can only say it again, the pancakes were incredible! I was really pleased to discover Fuwa Fuwa as this is a unique place with exquisite pancake dishes, and I look forward to my next visit to test out another new flavour.

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