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Fun With Buns

I don’t have Chinese food regularly but when I do I think my order is pretty basic I usually go for egg fried rice with chips, curry sauce and some vegetable spring rolls, Now for any real Chinese food lovers out there tell me is my order basic or adventurous? Anyway, I want to explore more of Chinese cuisine and when seeing bun house go tiktok viral for their famous steamed buns I can’t deny I was intrigued.

On one of my recent trips to London me and my friend Alicia checked out Bun House in Chinatown, London and I was actually really excited to be trying food out of my comfort zone. Now let's talk about the buns, I got 3 for £11 which I thought was so well priced, and they arrived very fast and I loved the way they were presented in a small traditional bamboo steaming basket. I also couldn’t help myself and had to poke them yes you read that right I poked the bun and they were so squidgy and soft. I went for a vegetable bun which was nice and fluffy with a lovely filling of vegetables. Then I had to try the famous custard flavour which was super messy but so sweet and gooey, I also have to admit when I first saw the custard buns on TikTok I thought they were cheese I mean the custard looks really yellowy anyone else thinks that? Bun house that could be a new flavour idea a cheese steamed bun just saying. Anyway, I would definitely recommend trying both of these favours and after eating only 2 of the buns I was feeling surprisingly full.

We did have 2 questions though 1 What did the symbol on the bun mean and 2 How the hell are you meant to eat these with chopsticks?

First impressions are important and I wasn’t overly impressed at first as when we asked to eat in we were told we would have to wait outside in the rain till a table was ready now luckily we had an umbrella however the couple that asked before us didn’t and even though we offered to share our umbrella I still felt that this didn’t showcase bun house finest moment in showing great customer service however I will say the waiter we had was very polite and helpful when ordering and food was served quickly and tasted excellent, However, I do feel the customer service could be improved.

I feel like with all my trips to London I’ve never really explored Chinatown so you can best believe my next trip I’m going to spend one of my days trying out as many of their vegetarian and vegan dishes as I can, so make sure to look out for some more Chinese food reviews.

Bùyào hàipà zǒuchū nǐ de shūshì qū - Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

Customer Service ⭐️⭐️

Food & Drink ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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