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Fifth Element Review

Why do people love brunch? Easy! Brunch is breakfast without an alarm clock, and I am very pleased that I visited Fifth Element cafe and lounge bar for my Solo Brunch Outing.

I have tasted a fair few vegetarian breakfast dishes in my time and I have to say Fifth Element is by far one of the best places I have indulged in this dish. What does a vegetarian breakfast consist of at the Fifth Element? Well, the dishes are made up of poached eggs on toast with halloumi, Avocado, feta cheese and tomatoes sounds good right? Firstly I like my comfort zones so I always stick to scrabbled eggs but when I saw poached egg being served I was a little anxious about whether I would like it. but I have to say it wasn’t half bad the texture and taste were nice and paired very well with the halloumi. I would say that maybe adding a little extra flavour with the poached egg could be an idea, I would recommend a little sprinkle of chilli flakes just to really give it some POW!

However, the best bit of the dish for me had to be when I had a forkful of tomato, avocado and feta cheese, Wow the burst of flavours dancing around my taste buds was amazing, I actually had to remind myself not to let my jaw drop as I was eating because it was such a simple yet fantastic concoction of flavours, the tomatoes tasted fresh, the avocado was soft and light and I am a girl who loves my cheese so the feta was incredible. This dish was cooked and plated to perfection, the presentation was very appealing to the eyes and it gave me very bougie vibes and brunch is all about the bougie vibes. I hugely recommend when brunching at Fifth Element that this is the dish you need to get, it looked and tasted amazing, was so filling and the price was super affordable and perfect for when you brunching on a budget.

Something I found very unique that the Fifth Element offered was the claws … yes you read that right the claws, I found it unusual and intriguing to see when served my tea I was served some little silver claws to use the pull the tea bag out. I love discovering the little quirky things that are done when visiting new places and this was something that really stood out for me in a positive way. I also loved that when entering my eyes were drawn to the massive I wanna say blossom tree. It was gorgeous and just really brought colour to the room, It's a quaint little area but Fifth Element has done an excellent job in creating a sweet, friendly brunch spot.

I also had a lovely experience with the customer service as from the moment I walked in it was all smiles and politeness, the lady that served me was very kind and welcoming, the food was served on excellent time and I also had the pleasure of meeting the manager and having a delightful little conversation where I’m complimented on how lovely my experience has been at Fifth Element.

I do look forward to exploring Fifth Element again to try their delicious dinners and desserts and yes, of course, there will be a review so keep an eye out for the “Dine out at Fifth Element experience”.

Customer Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Food & Drink ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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