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Why Alexandra ?

Names can be traditional, they can be cultural, they can be historical, and give us a sense of who we are, they are more than just letters they are our identity.

I believe that names are special and one question I am always asked is “should I call you Alex or Alexandra” Now I have always liked my name but I would just say call me Alex because I’m not posh enough for the andra. However, I’m extremely proud of my name it is very important to me because before I was born my mum and dad were originally calling me Polly which is a cute name but anyone that knows who I am would say it doesn’t suit me at all, Sadly my grandad died just before my mum found out she was having me and during a conversation between my parents they decided to name me after my grandad, learning this was an emotional moment for me because it meant that even though I never got to meet my grandad I still had a very special piece of him. I had the honour of carrying on his name Alexander or at least the girl version Alexandra.

Names can be many things but for me, they also can be a link to emotions, a connection that I have with someone I never got the chance to meet with the stories, my family have told me I can say that I may never have got to meet my grandad but I will always have a piece of him and even just a piece is precious enough.

“Words have meaning and names have power”

So what's your name mean to you?

This piece is written in honour of my grandad who even though I never met, I will always love and never forget,



keep smiling everyday can be beautiful !

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