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Noxy Bros- Bagels, Coffee and Friendship

I really like the name Noxy Bros; unique, catchy and easily stands out, First thought when entering was this place has a a very relaxing modern interior, chill music vibes playing in the background, I loved the big windows all around the building and the beautiful big plants everywhere was a nice splash of colour that went well with the black, white and grey colour theme. Whilst visiting London I really wanted to checkout more coffee shops that stands out and give off more unique qualities and Noxy Bros was one that caught my attention.

I am a huge Chai latte lover and it would be so wrong if I didn’t try out Noxy Bros and straight away I really liked frothy top I mean can you even call it a chai latte if theirs no frothiness? It was a lovely drinkable temperature which is just how I like my drinks none of this extra hot nonsenses, presentation wise was very simple and pretty but was missing one important thing… the cinnamon? Where was the cinnamon topping? I was so disappointed as one of my favourite things about a chai latte is the cinnamon, Any proper chai latte drinker wants and needs the cinnamon topping it’s just facts however despite being sad about my cinnamon I will say it looked lovely, tasted nice and would happily drink at Noxy Bros again but their better be cinnamon next time boys haha.

Who else loves Egg and avocado? Its so good right, its one of them simple, quick dishes that just hits the spot and I love going places and testing out their egg avocado dishes it just has to be done. Now have you ever tried Noxy Bros Egg Avo Bagel? Its a sesame bagel with free range egg mayo and avocado, Simple dish but I never actually had egg and avocado in a bagel. Well let me tell you it was delicious so filling and all tasted so fresh. Also the presentation was amazing was a very big bagel not that I’m complaining haha and I loved the designed paper the bagel was wrapped in, such a fun and different style with the Noxy Bros drawing all over it. The Bagel was a little messy to eat but hey the messiest food is usually the best food, just have some napkins at the ready. I do think it would be cool to see some more vegetarian options on the menu, seeing as Noxy Bros has Shown they have this fun, creative energy about them I do hope they explore this option.

I was actually really impressed with customer service as they were all really polite and friendly with smiles all around I was also impressed with how interactive they were with their customers, numerous times I saw discussions between staff and customers with different personalised conversations, none of this scripted discussions, a real personal touch which makes the relationship with their customers just that bit better. I have worked and managed a coffee shop before and one thing that always stood out to my customers was how I paid attention to my customers lives, the little details which helped grew our relationships more and more. I always say I find that the personal touch makes more of an impact on the customer than a scripted discussion and I’m confident customers will agree.

I said earlier about wanting to visit more coffee shops that hold unique qualities, that stand out from others so what does Noxy Bros have that stands out and what are there more unique qualities? Firstly I loved the fun and quirky decor they incorporated by having a big displayed frame filled with Polaroid picture of staff and customers enjoying all what Noxy Bros had to offer. I also did some research into them and learned they have a clothing brand and I have to say it a small product line but I loved the products, I really liked noxy bros logo on hoodies which as many know I love a hoodie I literally live in them, I liked the black hoodie but I’m obsessed with the blue as blue is my favourite colour, Saying that I’m not fully sold on the prices as I do feel they could be more popular if they was a little more affordable but that is a personal opinion and do look forward to seeing if then line become bigger. Then theirs the qualities, I could see from observing that they really take care in the drinks and food they provide and top quality the shone the brightest in has to be their customer service as I previously mentioned.

I also had a little look into Noxy Bros socials and have to quote one of their staff member, “Anything is a thing if ya want it to be a thing” And I think I can easily say that Noxy Bros are really on the road to something fantastic, Hoss and J.P choosing to build a business based on friendship and created Noxy bros is quite inspiring and brilliant goal that they have achieved and are continuing to grow in a positive way.

As Noxy Bros say “No Good story ever starts without coffee” or in my case chai latte.

Customer Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Food & Drink ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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