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Botanica Restaurant At Bedford Hotel In London

Looking for a perfect little date night spot in London? Well I can help you with that Botanica Restaurant is the place you wanna go its an absolute gorgeous place with floral, plants interior a real classy and relaxing atmosphere with excellent dishes, affordable prices and prestige service from a fabulous team.

Me and my Boyfriend recently had the pleasure of experiencing dining out at Botanica restaurant and it was fantastic we had excellent service from Daniel who served me a delicious cocktail called the Botanica I thought it only seemed fitting to choose the cocktail named after the restaurant and it was sweet, sharp and splendid I love a cocktail is this was a real treat, We also had and Filipe who served us our dishes on a excellent time and continued throughout the evening to make sure everything was ok. I was obsessed with garden outside it was gorgeous the design and decor was perfect and I was in love with the massive tress outside with a little seating area its was a lovely view from our table.

For my mains I had a vegetarian dish I hadn’t had before called Aubergine parmigiana which was so tasty and well presented. The taste was a fresh, tomato, veggie mixture with bread crumb sprinkled over the top and my favourite cheese. I really didn’t know what to expect with this dish but I was very happy with my choice it was delicious and very filling and highly recommended it.

Elliott had the Butternut squash and Mushroom risotto and because it was vegetarian that means I got to try some and I have to say it was amazing I have become quite a fan of risotto over the last couple of years and this was by far one of the best risotto dishes I have tried. The presentation was beautiful the colours all mixed together looked lovely with the green, yellow and oranges It was really nice and filling the cheese, the butternut squash the mushroom all worked really well together and the rice was definitely soaked for the perfect amount of time. The combo tasted amazing. Only had a couple of forkfuls but I could definitely sit and eat this dish no problem and I would also put the risotto on my highly recommended list too.

Hands down one of the best Lemon Meringue tarts I have ever tasted the sweet, lemony, tangy, creamy taste, the soft and crumble pastry, the lemony smell it all left me doing my little happy dancing, all real food lovers have the little happy food dance you know I’m right. It was incredible, excellent combination of ingredients, the presentation was absolute exquisite, I felt like I was eating in a five star hotel and the detail on the dessert with a little flowers and blueberry was so extra and sweet. To be honest I’m not actually fan of blueberries but it was so beautifully presented and that pop of purple colour really brought the dessert together I also loved the creamy meringue on top, It was so soft and smooth and I really indulged in this dessert it had me smiling from my first bite to my last and can easily say this was the best dish of the three.

This was a really enjoyable date night for us, the customer service was excellent, the food and drinks were delicious and the whole night in general was elegant, romantic and relaxing and I cant wait to see if the hotel is as great as the restaurant. I also have to say we were surprised by the prices as we was expecting the bill to be more expensive as the quality of the food and drink was so good but it being more affordable actually made it even more appealing to us and I think this is a real selling point for Botanica. Looking for a romantic, boouje affordable date night? Then you should definitely put this one on your list.

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Food & Drink ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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