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The Real Greek Review - Bluewater

I have been trying to become more experimental when it comes to food cuisines, I love my Italian food but I really wanna take myself out of my comfort zone and explore new cuisines. Now I’m not really a fussy person when it comes to food but being vegetarian can sometimes make it a little difficult to explore new cuisines however now there are loads of places catering for vegetarians and vegans unlike when I became a vegetarian at 6 years old. There is a huge variety nowadays which gives me and many others the chance to explore new dishes, and I was very pleased to see that I could branch out and eat at a Greek restaurant, so me and my friend decided to check out The Real Greek restaurant.

To be honest, the moment I walked into the restaurant I was like “ok I need to jump on a plane and go to Greece asap” cause the aesthetic was just on point. All the whites and blues were so tranquil the place just made my wanting to see Greece even more enticing.

The real Greek halloumi popcorn with honey has to be the first dish I talk about because I have never had halloumi with honey honestly I questioned it however I’m a big cheese fan and was very eager to see what the verdict would be and all I can say is sweet chilli sauce you have some competition haha. This was a weird yet wonderful combo of sweet and savoury and I don’t know how but it just worked and the portion size was very generous It's safe to say I look forward to ordering this dish again. We also got some olives but for me, they were a bit disappointing as they had seeds in which just ain't a bit of me and they were a little too oily for my liking, I did, however, like the cute little dishes they were presented on.

I also ordered the Greek Trio which is where you choose 3 dishes that get served on a 3 tier cake stand. I went for the Flatbread with 2 ramekins with humous and Tzatziki which was my safe option as I knew I already liked flatbread and humous, however, I wasn't sure about the Tzatziki ramekin but was very pleased that I chose it as it was creamy, fresh, tangy and went down very well with my flatbread if I’m being honest I ate more flatbread with the Tzatziki than I did with the humous also I found the ramekins had both been filled very generously.

My second dish was the Spinach Tiropitakia, Now I had no idea what this dish was other than it was vegetarian and had spinach but it turns out they are little pastry parcels filled with creamy leek, spinach and feta cheese and this was such a lovely dish nice and hot, the flavours and aroma were incredible the Spinach Tiropitakia was probably tying with the halloumi and honey, I don’t think I could choose a favourite out of these dishes.

Then there was the third dish of the trio which was a bowl of new potatoes and I have to say this was a very plain, boring flavourless disappointing dish, Unfortunately, I don’t have one single positive comment to make on this dish and let down the greek trio. I also had a glass of cranberry juice which had a sharp taste, which left me conflicted on if I liked it or not and the more I drank it the more It became clear to me that this wouldn’t be a drink I would order again.

The Greek trio was presented very well on the 3-tier cake stand and was such a great price of £8.95, now that amount of food for that little price made me very happy and would highly recommend experiencing the Greek Trio especially if you have never eaten Greek cuisine The greek trio is like an affordable taste testing experience that should be explored minus the new potatoes everything was very nice to eat the prices didn't hurt my purse and I did find myself to be very full by the end.

Overall most of the food was excellent but there were, unfortunately, a few dishes that just didn’t reach my expectations and I also felt that the customer service could be improved in some areas, However, the place itself gave Greek vibes and I do look forward to going back again and exploring some more Greek other dishes.

Customer Service ⭐️⭐️

Food & Drink ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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